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[Fic] The Meaning of a Name; Supernatural; Castiel/Dean; PG-13

Pairings: Castiel/Dean
Ratings: PG-13
Category(ies): Gen
Warning(s): Spoilers for Season Five (maybe)
Status: Complete
Summary: Maybe if you shove a pen in him you can get some ink? Or he’s a great blanket? Or that we can use him like a lawn gnome and have him scare off the neighborhood children?

This was for kamianya  and their request is community.livejournal.com/fic_on_demand/1383258.html

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Eliot Spencer

Request: Supernatural

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel/Dean preferred, but gen works too
Rating: Preferably towards NC-17, but really, any
Situation: Someone (I don't care who, but it can't be Cas), realizes that as angels' names typically translate from the Hebrew to the "_____" of God, and does some research on Castiel's name. They come up with three possibilities based on their search*: "down comforter", "inkwell," and "decoration," and inform Dean of this. Continue as seems reasonable.
*Note: yes, I speak Hebrew and searched my dictionaries, these were, in fact, the three possibilities I came up with.

fic (Roadhouse Blues) Highlander/Supernatural) longing, for tsutji

Title: Roadhouse Blues
Fandoms: Highlander: the Series and Supernatural
Author: karrenia
Rating: PG
Characters: Joe Dawson and Jo Harvelle
Reciepient: again for tsutji's previously filled multifandom longing request
Request Details: http://community.livejournal.com/fic_on_demand/1140942.html

Disclaimer: Highlander belongs to Panzer/Davis Productions and its respective producers and directors. Supernatural belongs to the CW and Erik Kripke; it is not mine.

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new fic )Wherever I May Roam (X-Men/Supernatural for scifiroots (hoops)

Title: Wherever I May Roam
Fandoms: X-Men comic verse/Supernatural
Author: karrenia
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam "Cannonball" Guthrie from fandom A, and Sam and Dean Winchester
Words: 1288
Recipient: for scifiroots' previously filled multifandom jumping through hoops request.
Request Details: http://community.livejournal.com/fic_on_demand/659293.html
Day 8 of the June Challenge

Disclaimer: X-Men and the characters of Sam "Cannonball" Guthrie belong to Marvel Comics and its related creators etc. Supernatural and the characters of Sam and Dean Winchester are the creations of Erick Kripke and the WB television network; they are not mine. The story references events from the comic verse and the first two seasons of Supernatural. The title came from a Metallica song by the same name.

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(Me) Pixels

Request - Supernatural/The Sandman, Dean/Death

Fandom: Supernatural & The Sandman
Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester (SPN) and Death (The Sandman)
Situation: Dean and Death meet. I don't particularly mind about the situation. Dean and Death meet because Death is taking him? Dean and Death meet because Death is taking Sam? Death is pissed off that Dean evades her so well when he really shouldn't? They meet on the job, as it were? Anything. If you can explain what relation reapers are to Death, that's awesome -- maybe they're stealing her job? Maybe they're aspects of her? Maybe she's waaaay overworked and she called in some extra firepower? But also feel free to ignore reapers. I'm not necessarily looking for something that blows me away with how it weaves the two canons together -- although if you can write that, pleaaaase do.
Canon requirements: I've read volumes 1-10 of The Sandman, I will have read the Death books in fairly short order, spoilers are okay for any of it, I think I have everything significant. Supernatural-wise, I know lots of spoilers but I've only seen season one and the first four episodes of season two. If you do spoiler later seasons, or a specific episode or something, stick it in the header, please?

shanaqui, Supernatural & The Sandman, Dean Winchester/Death, they meet, 23/01/2009
Little mermaid

[request] Supernatural/Bones crossover

fandom: Supernatural/Bones
characters: Sam, Dean, Zack, Booth, Bones others at will.
timeline: I'm thinking, sometime before the mytharc began in earnest, so season one of both shows? Doesn't matter, as long as Zack is working the case.
prompt: Dean and Sam work a case in DC, one that involves desiccated/fossilised bodies. The squints have already arrived, however, leaving the brothers to navigate the tricky grounds of FBI interest and pure rational science in the face of the ghost/fairies/anything.

cookies for:
- Dean flirting his way into the Jeffersonian (whom he flirts with is up to you ~____^, extra special points for it being Zack).
- Sam and Dean narrowly escaping Booth when he swoops in to arrest them.
- Impala squeals. Because we know Booth loves classic cars.

keire_ke, Supernatural/Bones, "Just another job," 14th Dec 2008
  • prongsy

Request: Supernatural - Castiel/Dean

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Situation: Slash them. I don't care how. I don't care why... just slash them... put my brain at ease from every frickin' episode of Season 4 thus far. If they don't kiss/get it on/whatever soon, I might explode. Seriously. There is so much untapped UST there that it's trumping my Wincest urges at present. Anything that can help me stop screaming at the tellie, "kiss, dang it!" would be nice. Beyond that, and it's not necessary, but I think it should be kind of rough (just how I see it)... they seem like they'd duke it out a bit before giving into their [inevitable] passion (reasoning - kitchen scene in 4x02)... Castiel should come out on top (and that could be literal if you want ^_~). It's just... woah. O_O

raphaellover, Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, taking the "u" out of "UST", 10/03/08

Request: The Dresden Files/Supernatural

Fandom: The Dresden Files (bookverse) / Supernatural

Characters: Sam, Dean, the members of SI, anyone else

Prompt: In which Sam and Dean try to work a case in Chicago, only to learn that the local police are dismayingly good at their jobs.

aoyagi_rikka, Dresden Files/Supernatural, Winchesters & SI, Chicago don't need no Hunters!, 5/28/2008