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Gundam Wing fic request

I really hope this community is still active. A while ago I read this great fic named Build Bridges To Nothing by Sparcck. It`s a 1x2x5 fiction,but sadly the ending is quite depressing, therefore I`d really like some kind of sequel. It would be nice if it where in character and played a few years after the original fic, and would be about Heero and Duo finding out through somebody else about Wufei`s feelings for them. I don`t want to sound too demanding,but an happy ending would be a must. This threesome is truly my fav in Gundam Wing, and this has been on my mind for quite some time
Here a link to the fic
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[REQUEST] Gundam Wing: Trowa/Quatre

Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 3x4 Trowa/Quatre (With 1xR/2xH/5xS Noin/Zechs also welcome!)
Situation: In-character, NON-AU GW fic. With canon views of the relationships and a logical view of Trowa and Quatre having some form of relationship going on. Absolutely NO "romantic/cutesy" nicknames from anyone to anyone (that means "Tro/Quat/my little angel/lover") or fan-Japanese. A mature fic with mature views of the characters. Quatre written as if he is an actual man and not a pair of wibbling ovaries.

If post-war, it would be fabulous to just see a fic of them maybe acting like domestic? adults. Bonus brownie points if you can write a good "Trowa and Quatre get into a disagreement" with them acting in-character and not just swearing wildly at each other. No "meeting again after 15 years". Show me something that hasn't been done before to restore my faith in awesome, awesome GW fic. Rating doesn't matter. Smut or no smut, tickle my fancy. Just no rape/bondage/deathfic or anything like that. Bonus points if Quatre says "Crap!" or there is a logical use of the Space Heart.

cymbal_monkey, gundam wing, Trowa/Quatre, mature canon plausible attraction, 12/11/2008