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Ficlets on Demand

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Ficlets on Demand
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fic on demand

What's this all about?

Ficlets on Demand is a multifandom community for fanfiction writers, and people who like fanfiction. The purpose is simple - you can make requests for fics, and you can fulfill those requests. Slash, het, and gen friendly. Follow the link to read more.

The Rules

Read the rules, please! At least once. Thank you.

All posts must be on topic. The only on topic posts are fic requests and fics. Requests must have the word "request" and the fandom in the subject line. Fics must have the word "fics" in the subject line. The words "fic" and "request" do not belong in the same subject line. Please put a summary line at the end of all requests. See the rules or the latest admin post for details. Members can make one request per calendar month, within that calendar month. There are no time limits on fics, no limits on the number of responses to a request, either from a single person, or from all the members. It's all for fun. Read the rules for guidelines on the definition of a ficlet.

Golden rule, and everyone must abide: we're all fans. Let's be fans together, and bask in fannishness. No flaming, no guilt, no snark here.

Tags can be added to each post. Explanation of tags and how they work can be found here. Tags are solely the responsibility of each member to maintain, and are not to be considered a comprehensive search of all posts, as they are limited by lj, if nothing else.

We're your community moderators, misura and monitorscreen. Hello. If you have any questions, or concerns, ever, please email us at ficondemand @ gmail.com (no spaces), and we'll do our best to help you out. If the need arises for us to get all admin-y on anyone, we'll be a bit disappointed, but we'll do what we have to. All offenses will be dealt with in private, and we won't boot anyone for a first offense. If anything arises and you think we should be aware of it, just pop us an email, and we'll be happy to oblige.

Any questions about the community in general can be left as a comment to the first post to the community, or directed in an email to us.

Policy regarding anonymous comments can be found here.

All requests made to the comm to date can be found here, which we will update irregularly.

Our net of influence does not extend very far or into many fandoms, so please pimp this community so we can get a large group of fandoms and members. Please, though, only pimp in appropriate forums where such things are allowed. Thank you.

You can use this code to use the banner at the top of the info...

< a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/fic_on_demand/" >< img src=http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v236/trixie_chick/fic%20on%20demand/order_up_banner.jpg >< /a >

(remove the spaces)


Enjoy, and have fun!!

If you'd like the same sort of challenges/etc, but maybe in a different language, try out:

tausch_fiktion for german
fic_sur_demande for french

Know of any others? let us know. ^_^

Get your own code!

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