Louise Asteria (green_wing) wrote in fic_on_demand,
Louise Asteria

Request - Meh, I dunno...multichoice I guess?

I feel very...meh...right now so I'm just gonna toss out some random favourite fandoms/pairings and see if anyone gets the urge to write *sigh*

These may contain traces of incest, slash, rps, sex (no rape), injuries, and of course nuts ;)
be warned...

Supernatural RPS, Jared/Jensen [Slash], RPS sex=Jared!top/Jensen!bottom, we've had Jared with a broken wrist, I'm requesting Jensen with a broken leg (from thigh to ankle, full leg cast like this or this, I would like to see Jensen wanting green or blue for his cast)
[Description of cast: Leg cylinder cast, Applied from the upper thigh to the ankle. Used to treat knee, or lower leg fractures, knee dislocations, or after surgery on the leg or knee area.]
Get creative and see how they'd deal with that in the show!, get creative with sex too, position is everything

Supernatural, Sam/Dean [Wincest], sex=Sam!top/Dean!bottom, Sam and Dean are separated, Dean is badly injured and has to rely on the "victim" of the week to save his life until Sam rescues him

House of Wax, Nick/Carly(/Wade) [Incest/Slash], sex=Nick!top/Wade!bottom if it includes slash otherwise anything is good, twosome incest or threesome incest/slash including Wade, either way it's all good, all I request is that Wade doesn't die in the story, he survives the movie and the three of them stay together

Dark Angel, Ben/Alec [Twincest], twincest, sex=Ben!top/Alec!bottom, Alec!injury, Ben!angst

Jericho, Jonah/Jake [Slash], sex=no specific top/bottom, post-Vox Populli including Jonah's injury

The Hills Have Eyes, Brenda/Bobby [Incest], brother/sister incest, post-movie rescued sex

Young MacGyver (in case anyone has actually seen it), no pairing/no het/no sex, Young Mac is injured and must make his way back to the Phoenix Foundation without being caught

green_wing, fandom multi-choice, pairing specific, mostly h/c, 08/12/06
Tags: dark angel, house of wax, jericho, request, rpf, supernatural, the hills have eyes, young macgyver

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