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Request! Multifandom!

Goodness Gracious! What is the world coming to?! I'm committing myself to far too much. @_@ For those of you who can relate, I'm giving you a multifandom challenge!

Fandom: Any!
Pairing: Any!
Prompt: Jumping through hoops. ((not literally... or it could be, I guess ;;^^ lol)) - trials and challenges to get to an eventual goal, whatever that may be.

Below the LJ Cut I do have my current preferences. ^_~ Super if you can do any of them, okay if you don't.

((Gen for any of the following is okay, too)

FAKE (Dee/Ryo, even Berkley Rose is okay ^_~)
Earthian (Kagetsuya/Chihaya)
Sailor Moon (any of the outer senshi, any of the Sailor Starlights.... I <3 Haruka/Michiru, Taiki/Setsuna, Yaten/Minako, and Seiya/Usagi)
Final Fantasy VII / AC (Sephiroth, Cloud, Zack, Vincent... basically any combination =p )
Kingdom Hearts (II) (Riku, Sora, Roxas, Axel, Demyx.....)

Harry Potter (I'm a sucker for Snarry.... ;;^^)

The Dead Zone (Bruce/Johnny)
The A-team (Murdock/Face)
CSI: LV (Gil/Greg, Warrick/Nick, Catherine/Warrick, Sofia/Catherine... ^_^;; )
CSI: NY (Mac/Danny)
Man from UNCLE (Napoleon/Illya)
The West Wing (Josh/Sam)
The 4400
Firefly (Mal/Simon, River/Kaylee)
Roswell (Max/Liz)
Stargate SG-1 (Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Martouf)
The Sentinel (Jim/Blair)
Sports Night (Dan/Casey)

scifiroots, multifandom, "jumping through hoops"/trials and challenges, 6/1/2006
Tags: multifandom, request

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