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fic: Peeking Inside the Looking Glass, for undeadmiko, xxxHolic

title: Peeking Inside the Looking Glass

author: trixie

disclaimer: nope

summary: Domeki looks. (some Watanuki/Domeki)

notes: for undeadmiko, for this request on fic on demand.


Yuuko was swinging lazily from a tree swing, the black lace artfully arranged over her incredibly long limbs trailing to the ground. Off in the distance, Watanuki was running around screaming, waving his arms above his head like a ninny.

Domeki frowned, and slung his book bag over his shoulder.

He approached Yuuko cautiously, his eyes on Watanuki all the time. When he was close enough that she could hear him, he stopped, and contemplated Watanuki's latest bout with insanity. "Does he need help?"

"No," Yuuko sighed. "He's just catching butterflies. He's just not very good at it." She smiled at him, in that way that she did that always made him feel like she knew more than she should.

Watanuki gave out a great battle cry, and went stomping right through the bushes. Domeki's frown deepened. He was about to go after Watanuki when a very strange flower fell on his head. It was vivid purple, and the petals came to sharp points, so that it formed a star. The flower itself was almost rubbery, like jade leaves. It had shooting lines of brilliant orange going down the center of each petal, and the middle had a cluster of filmy, fuzzy-looking orange stamens. He glanced at Yuuko quizzically. Unsurprisingly, she was looking quite smug.

"What sort of tree is this?"

Yuuko was definitely relieved that he asked her. "It's a Looking Glass Tree. Have you never seen one before? Ah, but they are exceedingly rare. And they only flower once every century. This is quite a lucky day for you." He mostly likely did not appear suitably impressed, because she stopped him before he tossed the flower aside. "The flowers have the most remarkable quality. If you crush them, and breathe in the scent, you will see a vision of the future as it will be if you continue along the path you are on."

He looked at the flower distrustfully. It was an unusual flower, but nothing more, really. He looked at her. She was swinging a bit airier, angling her beautiful body to take full advantage of the cut of her dress. "The path I am on?"

"We all make a thousand choices every day. Most of them seem completely inconsequential, so we give them no thought at all. But our lives are built on these choices. If you continue to make choices the way you are making them now, the future the flower will show you will be the future you will have."

He examined the flower again. It seemed… well, implausible, at best. But it also seemed harmless.

He crushed the flower in his fist, and then brought his hand up to his nose to breathe in the fine mist. He blinked, and turned to Yuuko, but she was dissolving. He closed his eyes tightly.

There was a beeping.

"Aren't you going to get that?" Watanuki complained.

He opened his eyes.

They were in bed. He was older… He could tell, just by his height. They were in a large room, with plain white walls, on a low futon.

Watanuki rolled over, and Domeki realized that they were both naked. He reached over Domeki, and slapped the snooze button on the alarm. "Why do you always make me do everything?"

Watanuki was just as adorable when he was grumbling at his age, and without his glasses on, and his hair all mussed up, he looked… sexy. He sighed, and rolled back over again. For a moment, Domeki wasn't sure what he should do. He put his arm around Watanuki, and nibbled on his earlobe, fully expecting Watanuki to throw a fit.

Sighing, Watanuki closed his eyes. "No, I'm not really mad. Sorry. But let me sleep a bit more. I don't have to be at Yuuko's for hours, still. She was drinking half into the night." He yawned, and fell back to sleep, with Domeki on top of him.

Domeki blinked again, and he was back in the park, next to Yuuko swinging on the tree, watching Watanuki wildly chase the butterflies.

"Well?" She asked, but she must already know the answer. "Do you like where your path is leading you?"

He looked at her for a moment, and then set down his book bag. He walked casually over to help Watanuki.



Tags: fic, xxxholic
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