June 7th, 2005


[FIC] "Old Ghosts Weep," Firefly, for xellos_poo

Title: Old Ghosts Weep
Author: geonncannon
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Mal, Jayne, Kaylee, Book
Pairing: None
Recipient: xelloss_poo's Chinese poetry request. Bonus points: I used Du Fu's 'Ballad of the Army Carts.' Lyrics quoted are from "Imagine" by John Lennon.
Note: I basically took the story/message in the poem and translated it to a Firefly setting. It seemed to work in my mind; we'll see if it works in execution *grins* I don't know if Firefly is a fandom you're familiar with, but as prevalent as Chinese culture is in their universe, it seemed to work so well that the characters would know/be able to recite Chinese poetry. Hope you enjoy it! Also, I'm sticking with this "post the fic-for-the-day in the first few minutes." Because that way, if I'm ever late, I have a whole 23 hours to panic about it before there's nothing I can do ;-D
Request Details Here
Rating: All Ages
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FIC (Waking Nightmares) X-Men Marvel Comics Bishop

Title: Waking Nightmares
Author: Karen
Fandom: X-Men
Character: Bishop
Recipient: kneazles for the multifandom nightmares request.
Request Details: http://www.livejournal.com/community/fic_on_demand/168778.html

Disclaimer: Bishop and the X-Men are the property of Marvel Entertainment Group, and this is set right after the original Age of Apocalypse story line, not the one that recently came out.

"Waking Nightmares" by Karen

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wufei remembering

Request: Gravitation

Using one of my prizes here :)

Fandom: Gravitation
Pairing: Touma/Ryuichi

Specifications: In a word, smut. Dirty talk from Touma, voyeurism, masturbation, competition. Add a dribble of sweetness to go, please, and I'd like it at least 1000 words long. No OOC.

Hope someone takes this up! I devoured watched the entire TV series yesterday, and now I am left wanting ^_~

Admin Post

....ok, just... have to say... we now have more fics than requests. just. we have 451 fics in our memories!! and we've written 243 fics in june. that's only 6-7 days!! you should all be patting yourselves on the back right now. this is awesome. ^_^ and now...

Important: Please Read.

this has never come up before, so i was blissfully ignoring it, but.

here at fic on demand, we cheerfully embrace all forms of fannishness. un~for~tun~ate~ly, not all of the creators behind the fandoms are as happy with fannishness as we are. while it can be assumed that all of the powers that be behind all fandoms are polite if they coldly ignore fanfiction, there are some authors/creators who have pursued legal action against their fans in order to prevent fan works. to protect our community, to show respect to these authors, and most of all, to protect our writers, i will ask that we refrain from requesting fic from the following authors:

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we're (more than) 20% of the way there, kids. ^_~ to those of you participating in the challenge, you are doing a FANTASTIC job, and you should be proud of yourselves. lookatalltheprettyfic!!! ^_^

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last post recorded in update is playpossum's post at [07 Jun 2005|12:10am]

fic: Leaving Scars, for 900_0001, Loveless

title: Leaving Scars

author: trixie

disclaimer: how desperately i wish, but no….

summary: Sometimes, Soubi disobeys on purpose (Seimei/Soubi)

notes: for 900_0001, for this request on fic on demand. this fic is just waiting to be jossed, i can feel it. *laughs* *sheepish* based on the supposition that the markings on soubi's neck were carved, they did not just 'appear.'

warning: bloodplay

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hee, i sneakily post this after the admin post so the loveless request is still there to tempt people... ^_~

Fic: For Whom The Bell... Chimes, GetBackers, Ban x Kazuki

Title: For Whom The Bell... Chimes

Author: wings_of_dirt

Disclaimer: I wish. That's all I have to say.

Summary: Some comedy... Ban & Kazuki... *purrs and melts* only thing better than that is Akabane & Kazuki.

Notes: For silverstrings and the request made here at fic_on_demand

~Big thanks go out to Clare clarediva for beta~

~Not particularly worksafe, though I'd give it a PG rating.~ Approx. four and a half pages long in Word.

~EDIT: fixed some minor problems.~

For Whom The Bell... Chimes

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Xmen: Brand

FIC: 'Til Death Do Us Part (DBZ) (for xelloss_poo)

FIC: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Fandom: Dragonball Z
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, talk of genocide, HIGH Angst
A/N: This is set in the Mirai timeline in the show. Since that story line focuses on Trunks, it doesn't tell us how Gohan survived, etc. All we know is that he kept fighting. So, this is my take on part of it.
Challenge: for xelloss_poo at: http://www.livejournal.com/community/fic_on_demand/227786.html

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White Collar - Neal Caffrey
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[fic] Inquiring Minds Want To Know (Do You Like My Underwear?) [Deathstalker][for indeliblefancy]

written for a (multi-fandom) request made by: indeliblefancy
Fandom: Deathstalker-serie
Pairing/characters: Toby Shreck and Flynn.
Warnings/notes: These guys are just too much fun not to write them. I'm afraid the serious aspect of unrequited love got more or less swept under the couch, in favor of Flynn going all-out seductive (in a manner of speaking; I'm still prudish me, after all) and Toby panicking more with each passing second. And, of course, Flynn kind of seems to 'fall in love' rather easily. Unrelated, this also has to be one of the longest titles I ever came up with for a ficlet. ^^;

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[Request] Lord of the Rings

*sighs* Duo to unavoidable conflicts (gigantic thunderstorms, insanely long essays, finals, graduation, etc.) I'm not gonna be able to complete the whole of the June Challenge. That doesn't mean I won't write fic, though! *grin* But I do have a challenge for anyone willing to take it up:

Fandom: Lord of the Rings (movieverse)
Requst: In The Two Towers, there is a scene in which Saruman has recruited the mountain men to his cause, and they're raiding a villiage and killing everyone. A woman calls her children - he young son and younger daughter - over to her, puts them on the back of a horse, and tells them to ride to the king and ask for help. We've seen the begining of that scene, and we've seen where they arrive and give their message. Now...what happened on their journey?
Stan what the hell

[FIC] Trying for the Moon (Yu Yu Hakusho, for katharos_8)

Title: Trying for the Moon
Author: Mookie
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Character: Yusuke Urameshi
Word count: 433
Warnings: Spoilers for the Dark Tournament and Chapter Black sagas.
Summary: Yusuke briefly reflects on life after his showdown with Sensui.
Response to: katharos_8's request for Yusuke/Koenma. My apologies that it doesn't fit all the criteria. *hangs head*

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Xmen: Brand

Request for June

Multifandom: Take your pick, but it's going to have to be one with TWINS . I'd love to see something written about twins. Any type of twins, any gender, any scenario, but I want it to be about their relationship.

Just off the top of my head, I can think of a few fandoms that have twins, but this is by no means exclusive: LOTR (Elladan and Elrohir), Boondock Saints (Conner and Murphy), Kim Possible (Jim and Tim), I know that Prince of Tennis has twins in it and I'm sure that there are lots of other fandoms with twins. If I don't know it, that's fine by me!

That's it in the official request, because I want to keep this as broad as possible for anyone looking for a challenge to write for during June, but if you want to write twincest, please put a warning on it. :)

Go forth and fic your best!

EDIT: After getting a few questions on this topic, I'd like to edit and say feel free to write about any sort of twin at all. Including different dimensions, alternate universes colliding, evil clones, etc.

A fic request

I know I'm fairly new here, but I like the concept. Here is my fic request.

FANDOM The Professionals

PAIRING Bodie/Doyle

SITUATION A drunken party leads to a confession of love - which shocks the other man. Must be happy ending.

OR One of them overhears the other telling another CI5 agent that he's gay/bi and in love with said partner. Again, must have a happy ending.

Hope this is okay, and thanks!
Dead Like Me - Daisy with straw
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FIC: Watershed Moment (Stargate: Atlantis, for pet_lunatic)

Title: Watershed Moment
Author: Rysler
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Teyla, pre-relationship/first time
Rating: Innocent (Sorry! I'm not sure where all the parts go in het-fic. ::grins::)

Requester: pet_lunatic, for hurt/comfort leading to a happy ending.

Summary: McKay cares for Teyla after an accident in a remote area of the Atlantis mainland.

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kitty sensei!

[FIC] [HP] "The Scars We All Bear" (for Almighty_Frog)

Made it to a week! *passes out*

Title: The Scars We All Bear
Author: Toriko (raichou)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry x Ron
Warning: Spoilers for OotP.
Disclaimer: JKR owns it all.

Notes: For almighty_frog, who requested: I'd like to see the very beginnings of Harry realising he might not be so straight after all.

I'm very uncomfortable writing in this fandom. It kinda shows. ^^; Not sure how well I fulfilled the request.

It lives at my journal

[fic] GW: "An Hour After Midnight" (another one for pocketfox)

Title: An Hour After Midnight
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x4
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: boys snuggling in bed, a single kiss, mild angst, fluff
For: Another response to pocketfox's request. The plot bunny bit me ^^;;
Summary: Quatre has a nightmare.

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Edit: I've revised the original fic and have reposted the updated version here ^__^ I think it's better than the original (I need to remind myself not to write when I'm tired and braindead >_>;;) because the opening paragraphs no longer feel so disjointed. Sorry about that!

[FIC] Awakening, BtVS, for wizefics

Title: Awakening
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Vampire Willow/Willow
Rating: R
Warnings: femslash, non-graphic sexual situations (slightly non-con), twincest?
For: ficwize's Twins request, which can be found here.
Summary: Maybe Willow and her doppelganger aren’t so different after all.

After seeing you mention Willow and her vampire self from the alternate dimension, the plot bunnies started jumping. This fic could be considered a missing scene from the episode Dopplegangland. I am not sure if it's what you were looking for, but I hope you enjoy!

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kitty sensei!

[REQUEST] Dragon Knights

It occurs to me that I've never made a request here. This must be remedied immediately.

Fandom: Dragon Knights
Pairing: Ruwalk/Alfeegi
Situation: I want to see the way this pairing is usually dealt with in fandom turned on its head; that is, angsty, nasty Ruwalk/Alfeegi instead of cute fluff. I want to see a situation where they don't really like each other but they're going to fuck anyway because making nice with other people is too much bother. Maybe one of them's in love; the other just wants a casual thing. Something like that; I don't know. But no WAFF. ^_^

Lime is good, lemon is better, kink a bonus, and I like Alfeegi to top. ^_~

request in summary: Alfeegi/Ruwalk kinky hatesex, plz.

OR, alternatively, happy, fluffy, relatively angst-free Tetheus/Kai-stern. =)

Hope I did this right. Meep.

{Fic} SG-1: Well, It Would Figure.... (wizefics' twin request)

'allo all! I feel rejuvenated. =D Thank you thank you to the loverly ficwize for making this request. *teary eyes* It made the fic so easy to write!

Title: Well, It Would Figure...
: Clarity / Karasu (scifiroots / artoflife_muse)            karasumouri (AT) earthlink (DOT) net
: Stargate SG-1 fandom, Gen means no pairings ^_^ No warnings either. This is just a bit of silly for ficwize’s lovely twins request. *worship* I was saved! (7th day of June fic!)
: Art of Life http://enchantingmuse.com/artoflife/, artoflife_muse, fic_on_demand
Disclaimers apply, you know the drill.

: There’s this itty-bitty confession that Sel’mac is forcing Jacob to make... (light-hearted humor)

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no yaoi


Hey everyone! I am new to the board and this will be my first request!
I recently got into Yu-gi-oh, can some one write a story about Kaiba and his little brother? No incest stories please. Just something fluffy and cute. since I am new to the fandom, i leave it up those of you who know the series to come up with a situation. thanx very much!
freud, batman

[Fic:] PotC; The Other Woman; ozsaur

Once again I use a multifandom for my own nefarious home-fandom purposes. Sorry. I just... dude, when I came in here all I'd written ever was PotC (yeah, I'm sad like that I guess). So... umph. Cut me some slack, kiddos.

Obligatory Meletor-brand crap title: The Other Woman
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean. because that's just who I am.
Characters: You'll find out.
Request: Partner Betrayal
Requester: ozsaur (whom, again, I love for writing a multifandom request)
Innocent rating, no warnings.

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FIC: [Hellsing] 'Just So' (PG-13)

Day 7!

Title: Just So
Author: Elsewhere
E-mail: elsewherecw@shaw.ca
Fandom: Hellsing (anime)
Characters: Seras, Integra, a hint of SerasxIntegra
Rating: PG-13
Recipient: kneazles
Response to this challenge.

Summary: Seras decides to explore the Hellsing mansion’s library, to take her mind off of her ‘nightmares’. She finds that she’s not the only one having dreams…

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