June 5th, 2005

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Request - XXXHOLiC

I'm so glad I found this community. :) Well here's my request.

Fandom - XXXHOLiC
Pairing/characters - Anything or anyone
Situation - Can be a crossover, angst, comedy, I really don’t care. ^^; This fandom just need more fanfiction.

Thanks to anyone who does this. ^__^
be yours


Since it is a new month....

Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne (or any 2 or 3 of them)--others okay too
Rating: Any, but if there is going to be smut between some of the principals, please make it something expressly given in canon like Zoe/Wash or Kaylee fantasizing about Simon.
Scenario: I want cute, fast friendly banter like the "They're whores", "I'm in!" scene in Heart of Gold or the butcher knife discussion in Objects in Space. Don't much care what it's about.

[FIC] Change From Your Penny, Stargate Atlantis, forcryinoutloud

Title: Change From Your Penny
Author: geonncannon
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard, pre=slash
Recipient: forcryinoutloud for her McKay/Sheppard, use of 'mind-reading.' There's no sex, but their first time is implied. And mind-reading... well, I think I made it believable. ;-)
Request Details Here
Rating: Adult (m/m slash)
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[FIC] You'll Never Win, Naruto, for djynn

Title: You’ll Never Win
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Neji, Sakura and Lee love triangle (sort of)
For: djynn's request for an angsty Neji fic, which can be found here.
Summary: Neji proves to Lee that he is dominant in more than just fighting.
Author's Note: I just wanted to say that I actually love the character of Sakura. If she seems a little pathetic in this fic, it's because the fic is from Neji's point of view, and I think he would probably see her that way.

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Telemachus Rhade

Fic (Every Zoid Has its Day) Zoids: Guardian Force)

Title: Every Zoid Has its Day
Author: Karrenia
Fandom: Zoids: Guardian Force
Characters: Irvine and Van
Recipient: Yami tai
Request Details: http://www.livejournal.com/community/fic_on_demand/49998.html

The story picks up where my previous story for this request left off;
"The Usual Suspects. That can be found in the memories section of the comm.

Zoids: Guardian Force along with the characters of Irvine and Van are the property of
their respective creators and producers and do not belong to me, they are only borrowed
for the purposes of the story. Based on the episode "Zoid Hunting"

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Telemachus Rhade

Fic (Moving On) JLA Hawkgirl/Green Lantern

Title: Moving On
Author: Karen
Fandom: JLA
Characters: Hawkgirl and Green Lantern
Reicipient: mookiegatto
Request details: http://www.livejournal.com/community/fic_on_demand/73696.html
Rating: PG
Number 6 for the June Challenge.

JLA is the creation of DCU comics creators, producers, as are the characters of Hawkgirl, the
Green Lantern and all other mentioned, and they do not belong to me.

"Moving On" by Karen

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fic: Introductions, House, M.D., for aethrin

title: Introductions

author: trixie

disclaimer: nope, they do nothing for me but entertain

summary: Wilson wants to spread his joy, but House is skeptical. (vague House/Wilson)

notes: for aethrin, for this request on fic on deman. this takes place pre-muscle death, etc, so this is not set at the Princeton hospital. apologies to aethrin if this doesn't suit, but i was going for the same tone on the show, plus, not sure house was ever that nice to his patients. ^_~

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Kitty smile

[Request] Gundam Wing

Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters: Lady Une and Mariemaia
Situation: Lady Une watches Mariemaia grow up, based on/around the song "Turn Around" by Malvina Reynolds, Alan Greene & Harry Belafonte. I'd like for there to not be heavy angst, but instead just a sense of...nostalgia? Something like that. A kinda mother-daughter bond between Une and Mariemaia. Because in almost every single continuation fic I've read that contains Lady Une, Mariemaia is almost never mentioned - even thought it'd be very, very likely that Une would continue caring for her.

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Thank you to anyone who picks this up!
Ecstasy BJ

[Request] Multi-fandom - Chinese Poem

Okay, for my request for this month!

Fandom: Whatever you want
Rating: Anything
Challenge: Incorporate a classical chinese poem into the story. Here is a link that will provide you with a wide range of poems. They contain: characters, pinyin, word-for-word english translation, and coherent translation. You can just use the coherent translation. And either in the story or afterwards, it would be really nice if you put who the poet was and the title of the poem. :D

And if you can use either Du Fu's Ballad of the Army Carts (found about 1/4 of the way down the page) OR Bai Juyi's Pipa Song, I will love you forever. :D

[fic, Naruto, for sarraceniaceae] Two Thirds

This fic would not die. It's much longer than I was planning on making it, but it is finally over and here be the post. For sarraceniaceae, from this request.

Title: Two Thirds
Author: Anria (almighty_frog)
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke (OT3! XD)
Warnings: spoilers up until Naruto and Sasuke's fight - after which it goes thoroughly AU - no smut because they're thirteen when the fic starts and just ew, some kissing, and Sakura perspective.

Probably not quite what sarraceniaceae was thinking, but my love of these three together just took over my brain and yah. Fic. They're a lot more mature than your typical thirteen-to-sixteen-year-olds, but then I didn't want to arbitrarily make them older than they actually are in the series - and hey, they're a lot more mature than your typical thirteen-to-sixteen-year-olds in canon, anyway. ^_^

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Howl -- owie.

[FIC] The Sound of Silence. (Fruit Baskets, for une_moineau)

Title: The Sound of Silence.
Fandom: Fruit Baskets.
Requester: une_moineau, for her Hatori/Ayame/Shigure challenge where Ayame is being unnaturally quiet.
Rating: PG
Warnings: The actual threesome aspect of the pairing is completely and utterly of the blink and you miss it variety, unfortunately. Technically, however, it does still exist, so warnings for that ^^.

Notes: Day five. One sixth of the way done. It's about to start getting very difficult as I run out challenges I can even kind of do ^_^.

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death tickles

[request] CJ Cherryh -- Downbelow Station

Oh, cool comm. Got here from sweetsorcery's pimping, and I'm starting off by making quite possibly the most obscure request yet.

Fandom: Downbelow Station or the entire Merchanter 'verse in general.
Pairing: Conrad Mazian/Tom Edger
Challenge: Here's the deal. This pairing is canon, and ... it confuses the hell out of me. Show me how it works. Any rating, any situation, slash by necessity. It can be before, during or after Downbelow, as long as it's set somewhere in the Company Wars or their aftermath. They could be going into battle, plotting Signy's downfall, having wild hot monkeysex pre-jump, whatever. I don't care, just show me what the insides of their heads look llike.
l » that would be dark

[Request] Melody of Oblivion, Sky-Blue/Hikari/etc.

Figured I may as well use my June request. <3 ^^; Even if this fandom/pairing is more obscure than my last request. >>

Fandom: Melody of Oblivion
Pairing: Hikari/Sky-Blue (Any of the Aibas, really. ;.; )

Considering there isn't a single bit of fanfiction that I've found for this series, anything would make me squeal in delight. ^^; Any rating, and any of the Aibas being paired together, really, though Hikari and Sky-Blue are my favorites. Toss in Toune and Coco if you want... I think it could make it more interesting (Coco makes everything more interesting. x_X).
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[Request] Threesome! (Stargate(s) or Star Trek(s))

Challenge: I want a threesome. Two womenfolk, one man. This fic should require some parental guidance, but does not have to require parental presence. ;) No angst, no hurt/comfort. Just a good moment, maybe some fluff. Established relationship or first time. Jealousy is fine, as long as it's resolved. Crossovers (within franchises) welcome.

Fandoms you could whore for my threesome: Stargate SG1, Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager

Pairings: Any characters in the 2:1 ratio.

* * *

Since this is my first request, hello there! I love this place.
ByaRen (riding on Zabi)

[Request] D.N.Angel

Fandom: D.N.Angel
Pairing/Characters: I'd like this to be Satoshi-centric, with either a focus on his relationship with either Daisuke or Krad
Situation: Well, that all depends upon which route you decide to take. I suppose you could even blend the two ideas, though that would be more work, and isn't necessary. No first person POV either way, though.

If you decide to do a Satoshi/Daisuke thing, then I'd like for it to be post-series, as that would make the most sense. I don't care how old they are, or really the circumstances of their relationship (though love is a necessity), just as long as Riku is not in the picture. I love her, for a female character, but she's really just in the way. I'm not sure if what I'm asking for is a character sketch, but I'd like to feel what they're feeling, especially from Satoshi's point of view.

If you choose to talk about the relationship between Satoshi and Krad, I guess it would be mostly an overview of how they feel about one another. It can be either during the series or after it, maybe Satoshi's feelings about losing his other half, or lack thereof. I guess what I really want is something thoughtful, that shows the nature of their relationship, as well as the intricacies of the situation.

I don't know...if you need more info, feel free to ask. I feel like I'm repeating myself without actually saying what I want to. -.-;
General - Beagle - Love

[FIC] Yu-Gi-Oh! Set/ TZK Bakura, for chez_maltesers

I cry, for my soul has sinned, and I laugh, for my heart has sung
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Pairings: (Ancient Egypt) High Priest Set/ Touzokou-ou Bakura (Thief King Bakura), though sneeze hard and you’ll miss it.
Warnings: none
Summary: The life of a High Priest is complicated enough, especially when dealing with the notorious Thief King on a personal level- as Set is about to experience for himself.
Author’s note: written as a request for chez_maltesers for fic_on_demand. And yes, I love pompous fic titles. ^___^ Feedback greatly appreciated.

I cry, for my soul has sinned, and I laugh, for my heart has sung

link to my fic journal
kitty sensei!

[FIC] [Get Backers] "Evil Sadistic High School Girls From Hell" (for Tamensei)

Title: Evil Sadistic High School Girls From Hell
Author: Toriko (raichou)
Fandom: Get Backers
Pairing: Blink-and-you'll-miss-it Ban x Ginji
Warning: An evil!Natsumi armed with a feather duster. A little language, because Ban has a foul mouth. Silly.
Disclaimer: Do I look like Aoki Yuya? Ayamine Rando? Didn't think so.

Notes: For tamensei who requested a ficlet with dessert, lemon, feather. Hope this is something like what you were looking for. ^^; If you don't like it, I'm planning on having a crack at the LOVELESS one too.

It awaits you at my journal

FIC: [Hellsing] 'A Matter of Life and Death' (PG-13)

Day #5!

Title: A Matter of Life and Death
Author: Elsewhere
E-mail: elsewherecw@shaw.ca
Fandom: Hellsing (anime)
Pairing: Just a hint of SerasxIntegra
Warnings: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: For most of the Hellsing anime. This takes place during the Baobhan-sidhe episode.
Recipient: kneazles
Another response to this challenge. Just a little drabble, this time. ^^

Summary: For the first time in her life, Seras found herself terrified by the concept of time.

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Telemachus Rhade

Request (Witchblade) Tv series or comicverse.

This time I'm going for a rather obscure fandom.
I'm not picky about whether you chose Image comics verse
or the TV series. Cashing in on an extra request for the month.

Fandom: Witchblade
Characters: Ian Nottingham/Kenneth Irons/Sara Pezzini
Situation: Would love either Irons/Nottingham interaction piece or a gen power struggle among them. Bonus points for the Witchblade itself as something of a character.
Rating: G-to R, please no slash.
Star Wars, Slashy

{Fic} Dead Zone; untitled for now; lizzypaul's "outing" request

I am so blinking bloomin' tired at the moment since I've spent the last few hours hurrying to write this... jeez.... I had to go get the script for "Tipping Point" (season three finale) and reread it to refresh my mind.... *tired* Thank goodness I got this done-- 5/5 thus far!

I'll try to refine this a bit to post in my writing LJ tomorrow.

Title: untitled right now because i'm too damn tired -_-
Author: Clarity / Karasu (scifiroots / artoflife_muse)
Fandom/Pairings: The Dead Zone – Johnny/Bruce
Request: lizzypaul’s “coming out” challenge
Disclaimers Apply
Misc. Notes
: Most of the intro scene is from the beginning of a fic I started last September; some of the conversation between Sarah and Bruce at the hospital was in my Dead Zone fic I posted yesterday.
Notes for Timeline: Set shortly after the end of season 3, although in my ‘verse it ended a little differently so that Rebecca really isn’t factoring into the matters. (Basically—focus on the Stillson issues from the last episode, and Johnny’s recent brain scans. Let’s picture more support from Bruce than from Rebecca, though, okay?) Johnny and Bruce are already together.
My Fifth June Fic! (just barely *nervous* it’s 11:26pm)

(It's a fake cut to the edited version!)

freud, batman

[Fic:]The Patriot; Total War; slaygirl

I've really got to start getting these in *not* at the last minute.

For slaygirl, whose fantastic request was for Martin/Tavington hatefuck.

Rated adult liek whoah. Read the title; be warned of violence.

Dragged a lot of detail that you probably won't notice anyway from a few hours' research on Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton &c. Just wanted to say that because I've not been feeling nerdy enough lately WRT military history circa the eighteenth century.


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fic - untitled dreams (tales of symphonia) for kneazles

Fandom: Tales of Symphonia
Title: Untitled Dreams
Author: Shinataku
Pairing: Zelos/Lloyd
Warnings: post-game, spoilers, death
fpr: kneazles' nightmare request

note for kneazles: really, you don't have to read/comment on this. ^_~ i'm not expecting you to. i know you don't know tos, because nobody does, so don't feel obligated to just because it's your request. this is really trippy and not so much a fic, anyway.

( Untitled Dreams )