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Request - Multifandom! =)

Okay, because I'm feeling pretty down right now I'd like whatever fic you write to have a happy ending. I prefer to have a little h/c / drama / angst in my fics, but if you want to make the whole thing happy that's fine too. =) I'm just angry with the cruelty of real life right now so I do request a happy ending....

Fandom: Any! Multifandom. Let's see a number of responses. I'd like it to be something I know, but I tell you I know LOTS of fandoms (see here) -- I'd really like to see Dead Zone, The West Wing, Battlestar Galactica (TOS), Final Fantasy VII, or A-Team in particular
Pairings: I'm open to anything. My favs tend to be slash (again you can see here for my fav pairings of slash/femslash/het persuasion in all fandoms I know) -- especially love to see tDZ Johnny/Bruce, tWW Josh/Sam, ff7 any combination of Sephiroth/Cloud/Zack (or even a threesome), or Murdock/Face in A-team, or kill two requests with one story and do Man from UNCLE's Napoleon/Illya
Situation: Amnesia! Yes I know we have tired cliches with this, but you have free reign to do parody if you like or something serious. I love amnesia fics and have read many good ones. This can be cannon like in Stargate SG-1 (Daniel, s7) or FF7 (Cloud). This can be the result of breakdown or a car crash or even a spell. Whatever! Take the idea and run. I'd prefer that it not be a situation where the couple was together before the amnesia, but that the couple got together because of the situatoin. =) Also, any rating!

*Buffy: not with the Halloween episode or weird Jonathan's dream ep, but something happens so that Buffy doesn't remember being a Slayer. Include Willow and Xander and Giles (y'know, the original gang at least. ^_~)
*Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck lands on a planet to explore the territory while on patrol but gets stung or bitten by something and the something in the animal's venom disorients a person. Starbuck maybe manages to get a distress call out or can make most of his way back to the Galactica--ooo, if you want, write the scene where he forgets how to control the viper and freaks out as he realize he's supposed to land and someone on the bridge has to direct him. (please please please make it Apollo/Starbuck slash!)
*West Wing: when Josh is recovering from the gunshot wound he got in In The Shadow of Two Gunmen he is actually missing a large chunk of time--i.e. he's confused and think he's back either at the time when they're still campaigning for Bartlet or in the very early days of the White House.
*Dead Zone:
Bruce has a head injury and as a result has amnesia. The doctors aren’t sure how severe it will be nor how long it will last. His mother comes to Maine to take care of him, but by week two she’s preparing to take him back home to Indiana. Johnny despairs. (this idea's been rattling around in my head for sometime now....)
*SG-1: Write about how Daniel regains his memory. Or maybe just a part of it (this is season 7, if you hadn't guessed)--like, how did he finally remember Jack? (cuz he did stop calling him Jim after all ^_^)
*Reboot: What if Bob didn't have clear memories about Mainframe when he meets up with AndrAIa and Matrix (Enzo) in season three?
*Gargoyles: Something happens to Elisa on a case and she doesn't remember about the gargoyles (either at all or maybe just that they are her friends if it's the last season) and show how this affects Goliath in particular. (I'm a sucker for Elisa/Goliath, what can I say? ^_^) Er, if I could award bonus points I would if you include Puck. =)
*Star Wars (orig movies): You could be my hero and write a lil' Han/Luke thing (although please nothing too smutty? I'm trying to ease myself into this idea, lol)

If I have more ideas I'll probably update this post. ^_~ For now I hope I inspired something!

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