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Request: Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift - HanSean

Request: Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift - HanSean

On the sheer hope there's still people watching/writing from here, and having just found the community again, I've spent days trying to find the very, very few fics out there for Han/Sean. There weren't many, and most I found were pretty good, but I want more. They just... worked. I fell for the pairing before I even fully knew both their names.

Fandom: Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Characters: Han/Sean, or Sean/Han, though the first makes more sense to me, I'll read either.
Situation: Oh heck, just about anything. Though would love to read one based after the movie, with Han alive, and Sean as the new Drift King, and Han as his right-hand-man *couch*consort*cough*

Selena__Wolf, Fast and the Furious, Han/Sean, Good to be King, May 27 2013

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