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Request: Kyou Kara Maou, Cheri/Fluurin

Heya, is this this community dead? It looks that way to me, or at least there haven’t been any new fics posted lately! I’ll take a chance and post a request anyway, just in case someone is watching and feels inspired. :) I’m new, by the way; I found my way here by clicking the link on someone’s profile.

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters: Cheri/Fluurin, and if you can make it in the same fic, it would be nice to see Gwendal/Yozak, and Greta. Any other characters are welcome if you want, any other pairings - except Yuuri/Wolfram, sorry. (They can be in the fic, though, and Wolf can be his usual self, but not together as a couple in a non-canon way.)
Situation: There’s very little femslash in this fandom! So I want to see Cheri seducing Fluurin, who has never loved anyone since her husband passed away. Cheri makes her happy again. However, there will be angst, since Cheri is a free spirit and Fluurin is the ruler of her country… But of course, if you can imagine a happy ending that’d be great, too! (This could for example be set during the time Fluurin came to return the Wincott poison.) It would also be nice to see the fluffy side of Gwendal… I can imagine Greta playing with his cat… That’s all! Any rating, any length.

amles80, kyou kara maou, cheri/fluurin, gwendal(/yozak), greta, love affair, cat, fluff, 13/6/12
Tags: kyou kara maou, request

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