we_waken (we_waken) wrote in fic_on_demand,

Request: Dragon Age Origins

Fandom: Dragon Age Origins

Characters: F!Elf!Warden/ Surana and Zevran

Situation: Warden chooses self sacrifice ending but she's a powerful mage and so (with Morrigan's help ?) she completes a ritual or in the fade she chooses to somehow re enter life, retaining her memories. Zevren's in Antiva with the Crows and they met up. I want them both to get their happy ending, as happy as it can be in this verse anyway ; ) 

And icing on the cake: Bonus points for successfully fucking off Grey Wardens and getting away with it, too many fics where the Warden is suddenly weaker than the Grey Wardens who come from the country over.

Extra bonus points for mention of Zevran oath when they first met and he's never been released, and a relationship Warden had with another but choose Zevran over the other.

And its election season and no one chosen to run so far anyone heard that piece of banter through the game.

Main situation is the most important so if you can't do anything else don't worry.


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