Gabriela (girlofavalon) wrote in fic_on_demand,

Request: Star Wars

Hello! I am new to the community, and this is my first fic request.

Fandom: Star Wars

Characters/Pairing: Palpatine/Anakin, Anakin-centric

Situation: I've just recently watched Star Wars, and I find Palpatine's friendship with Anakin sorta creepy. That's probably an understatement, but anyway... There is this scene in Revenge of the Sith, my favourite movie out of the whole saga, in which Anakin makes his choice of turning over to the Dark Side. I find it particularly heart-wrenching when you watch him kneel down before Darth Sidious, with pain-haunted eyes, saying "I will do whatever you ask. Just help me save Padme's life. I can't live without her."

Ever since I watched that scene, I've had this idea stuck in my mind, and I would love to read it but I haven't been exactly successful in my searches. I would like to read Darth Sidious taking advantage of Anakin's emotional state at that moment and of Anakin's promise of doing whatever Sidious asks, thence getting Anakin to suck him off. I wouldn't like for Anakin to enjoy it at all; he is disgusted at himself, but in his mind he is doing it for Padmé.

Keep in mind that even though Anakin "agrees" in doing it, there is nothing consensual about it. Also, it would happen before Anakin gets his Sith name and is sent out to begin the Jedi Purge.

If you want, you can include some choking by deep throating as well.

girlofavalon, Star Wars, Palpatine/Anakin, angst/non-con/coercion, 12/15/2010
Tags: request

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