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Request: Autumn's Concerto

Fandom: Autumn's Concerto (Xia Yi Zhan Xing Fu)

Character(s): Liang Mu Cheng, Ren Guang Xi

Rating: The higher the rating better but in reality anything is fine.

Situation: One of the things that made me curious with the end of the series was how will Mu Cheng and Ren Guang approach each other romantically/sexually now that they have decided to stay married, stop the fictive pretending, and give their relationship a real chance. While they resolved by the end of the series all of their previous misunderstandings and trust issues, there actually are some issues still to be resolved.

For example Mu Cheng's only real sexual experience was also her first time that resulted in her getting knocked up by Ren Guang and becoming a single mother for the next six years in her life, where she hadn't the time nor inclination to experience more. Plus her other verging on sexual experiences all have been negative ones where someone has tried to rape or coerce her.

Ren Guang on the other hand has had his whole world view altered and shattered when he learned that before his brain operation he had with Mu Cheng, a brief affair with very strong love that has resulted in him becoming a dad. And that after his operation his mother and the new fiancee, he loved, have been manipulating him for the past six years to become what they thought was best. So how does it feel to Ren Guang in reality to rapidly change his significant other of 5 years with whom he planned to marry and build a life with to Mu Cheng, the mother of his child, whom he has had the chance to interact only a couple of months in comparison.

There is no denying that the love Ren Guang and Mu Cheng have for each other in the series is very strong but also when you actually think about it they don't really know each other for a long time. The series encompassed over six years in their life and yet the main characters of the series only had a couple of months/less than a year worth of face to face interaction and from that time less than half was of romantic nature. And yet here they are married with a child in the family without actually dating each other for more than a month or two.

So now I am here all curious how do Mu Cheng and Ren Xi approach each other now that things have calmed down after the series. I would love any fic that deals with that issue.
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