Cassie A. (haku_kaen) wrote in fic_on_demand,
Cassie A.

[FIC] Failure, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Blind Mag and Amber, G

Title: Failure
Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Characters: Blind Mag, Amber
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day
Requested by chiave_trust here (previously filled)

She couldn't help but feel that she'd done badly by Amber, at times.

By the time Mag had become bound by Rotti Largo's will it had already been much too late for Luigi or Pavi, but Carmela had only been ten-years-old, a dark-eyed little girl who'd already been spoiled rotten but who might still have had the promise for something better within her. Nobody else could nurture any type of decency within her, not her brothers, not her servants, not her already-gone mother, and certainly not Rotti. Maybe, Mag thought from time to time, maybe if she'd only take the time to try she could have helped a good person emerge from the Largo family.

But she hadn't. At first she'd been too wrapped up in grief over Marni, and then in the fame GeneCo had brought her, and by the time that glamour had faded and she'd come to understand that she'd been trapped, by the time she might have thought to rebel against Rotti by teaching one of his children to see how wicked he was, she had already changed her name and was going under a surGEN's knife almost as often as she ate and it was too late for her as well.

The only thing Mag might have had any hand in was giving Amber her love for music, and that itself had become a part of her Largo-family madness. Luigi had his knives and his anger, Pavi his faces and his lust, and Amber had her addictions and the singing that she would do anything, no matter how terrible, to be able to perform in front of the world. And so, rather than being able to help her at all, Mag became the primary focus for Amber's madness instead, the one she saw as the main thing standing the way of her desires.

Yes, Mag thought sometimes. She'd failed Amber badly indeed.
Tags: fic

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