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Request - Supernatural/The Sandman, Dean/Death

Fandom: Supernatural & The Sandman
Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester (SPN) and Death (The Sandman)
Situation: Dean and Death meet. I don't particularly mind about the situation. Dean and Death meet because Death is taking him? Dean and Death meet because Death is taking Sam? Death is pissed off that Dean evades her so well when he really shouldn't? They meet on the job, as it were? Anything. If you can explain what relation reapers are to Death, that's awesome -- maybe they're stealing her job? Maybe they're aspects of her? Maybe she's waaaay overworked and she called in some extra firepower? But also feel free to ignore reapers. I'm not necessarily looking for something that blows me away with how it weaves the two canons together -- although if you can write that, pleaaaase do.
Canon requirements: I've read volumes 1-10 of The Sandman, I will have read the Death books in fairly short order, spoilers are okay for any of it, I think I have everything significant. Supernatural-wise, I know lots of spoilers but I've only seen season one and the first four episodes of season two. If you do spoiler later seasons, or a specific episode or something, stick it in the header, please?

shanaqui, Supernatural & The Sandman, Dean Winchester/Death, they meet, 23/01/2009
Tags: request, sandman, supernatural

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