Keiran (keire_ke) wrote in fic_on_demand,

[request] Supernatural/Bones crossover

fandom: Supernatural/Bones
characters: Sam, Dean, Zack, Booth, Bones others at will.
timeline: I'm thinking, sometime before the mytharc began in earnest, so season one of both shows? Doesn't matter, as long as Zack is working the case.
prompt: Dean and Sam work a case in DC, one that involves desiccated/fossilised bodies. The squints have already arrived, however, leaving the brothers to navigate the tricky grounds of FBI interest and pure rational science in the face of the ghost/fairies/anything.

cookies for:
- Dean flirting his way into the Jeffersonian (whom he flirts with is up to you ~____^, extra special points for it being Zack).
- Sam and Dean narrowly escaping Booth when he swoops in to arrest them.
- Impala squeals. Because we know Booth loves classic cars.

keire_ke, Supernatural/Bones, "Just another job," 14th Dec 2008
Tags: bones, request, supernatural

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