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[Request] multi fandom: longing

This comes from "The Writer's idea Book" by Jack Heffron. One of the prompts is to write about the experience of longing - "heartfelt yearning for someone or something."

Fandoms (and possible pairings if you wish to use them) I'd particularly like to see for this prompt include Kyo Kara Maoh (Conrad/Yuuri, Yozak/Conrad), Chrono Crusade (Chrono/Rosette), Yugioh, Lord of the Rings, Cardcaptor Sakura (Tomoyo/Sakura or Yue/Clow), or Descendants of Darkness. Yaoi is my favorite thing but this doesn't have to be yaoi or even erotic, or even longing for a person, although UST would be great. Any rating is fine, though, as well as any other fandom you'd rather use.

(From the prompts in The Writer's Idea Book: - "Write about someone you long for or have longed for in your past.... Try to describe the feeling and how you respond to this feeling... What triggers it? .... Write about the physical sensation of longing. What does it literally feel like? Give these sensations to a character, adding movement to suggest this emotional state without using the word directly.")

Tsutsuji, any, any, longing, 3/29/08
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