Unstinted love and death. (reddwarfer) wrote in fic_on_demand,
Unstinted love and death.

Request: Executive Committee: Kubota/Tokito

Fandom: Araiso Private High School Student Council (Executive Committee)
Pairing/characters: Kubota/Tokito
Rating: PG-15 and up?
Situation: I'd like something where someone from the Executive Committee finally gets official confirmation that the rumours about Kubota and Tokito are true when he/she, for whatever reason, needs to visit one of them after school, and realises they live together.

I'd really like it if said person walks in on them in a truly compromising position. lol.

reddwarfer, Executive Committee, Kubota/Tokito, Truth in Rumours, 18/3/08
Tags: executive committee, request
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