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Request - Gundam Wing

Fandom: Gundam Wing AC
Pairings: None, really (see sitch)


What I'd like to see is something pretty specific. It was an idea I'd had a couple of months ago, but haven't had time to think much into it. Kurt Vonnegut wrote a short story called All the King's Horses. (If you do not have this story, and are interested in writing this fic, I will send you a write up on it.) The story's basic premise is about a group of military men, various ranks, a Colonel and his family (wife and twin boys) whose plane crashed in 'the Asiatic mainland'(Rather vague, but considering Vonnegut wrote most of his stories in the 50's and 60's, I'd guess North Korea, or North Vietnam regions). The group survived, but were 'rescued' by a seemingly insane man.

This man challenged the Colonel to a game of chess. Only the chess pieces were the living crew - and his family. His choice was to play the game or everyone would be killed. The catch to the game: any time the rescuer took a "piece", that "piece" was killed. After suffering the loss of a couple of his men, the Colonel began to play offensively rather than defensively, and discovered the only sure way to victory was to sacrifice one of his sons.

I want this. I want Quatre to be the Colonel - seeing as he would see what moves to make, and feel this same pain the Colonel did at making such a choice. I don't necessarily want to see the deaths of the pilots, but any others are up for grabs.

In the ideas I began to form, I assumed that Tsuberov or Deikum would have made the best Pi Ying (psychotic rescuer), but I'll leave that up to the writer's interpretation.

Again, if you're interested, and need the story, just let me know. If anything, it's a fantastic read! And thanks.
Tags: gundam wing, request
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