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[fic] An Infrequently Asked Question [Ocean's 11][for burningchaos]

written for a (previously filled) request made by: burningchaos
Fandom: Ocean's Eleven
Pairing/characters: Rusty/Danny
Warnings/notes: None, really.

The thing is that Danny's a romantic - always was, always will be - and so, when it comes to Tess, he buys her flowers and takes her out for dinner and buys her expensive jewelry. Rusty knows this; he's the one Danny called when he needed a title and artist to put on 'that song that was playing that time in Paris, you know the one' (and Rusty does, indeed, know the one, because even if he's not the romantic Danny is, that doesn't mean he doesn't remember things about the people he cares about).

The other thing is that Danny's a one-woman kind of guy - he can look at another woman and judge her attractive (or unattractive), sure, but he doesn't look at, say, Julia Roberts (to whom Tess bears a resemblance that's nothing if not remarkable) and says he'd date her if he could. To other people, that might suggest that Danny's faithful, loyal to a fault. To Rusty, it suggests something else entirely.

To Rusty, Danny's like an open book - he can read every word, see every sentence, jot down the page-number and in the end, it won't make one bit of a difference because even when they're on the same page, Rusty still doesn't always understand Danny. He thinks it might be better that way, really. In their line of work, understanding equals insight equals being able to take someone. Terry Benedict, for example, is a man whom Rusty understands fairly well, if not quite as well as he'd like.

Danny Ocean, to name a different example, is a man whom Rusty understands perhaps half the time, which equals a fifty-fifty chance of being able to con him successfully. Those are lousy odds, really, or they would be, if Rusty wanted to take Danny, which he doesn't.

Rusty's not entirely sure what he does want with Danny, really - they make good partners, great at running a two-man con, or even on a few memorable occasions, a three-man con (supposedly impossible to do with only two men, but Rusty's got a talent for finding people and Danny's got a talent for seeing opportunities, so they've managed to pull it off a few times). Danny's got Tess, and Rusty's got Danny's number to call, and most of the time, that's it.

Danny's a romantic, after all - Rusty's concluded that already, so he knows that whatever it is that's going on between him and Danny, it's not a romance, and it's certainly not something either of them's ever going to use the word 'love' for. Rusty loves several types of food, things that go the way he wants them to go, and TV-shows that are actually funny - but not, definitely and emphatically not, Danny.

(He calls Danny's number at five in the morning, counting the number of times the phone rings before Danny picks up, sounding more awake than Rusty will after a cup of coffee and a doughnut.)

("Well, this is a surprise," Danny says. "I'd expected you to call three hours ago.")

("Just thought you might need the sleep," Rusty says.)

("Right," says Danny. "So what have you got for me? Sex, or a job?")

("How about I bring the sex and you bring the job?" Rusty says, knowing what Danny's been doing these past weeks, and knowing bird-watching has never been one of Danny's favorite pastimes.)

("Sex," Danny says, "is a two-man con. Have you had breakfast yet?")

("Your treat," Rusty says.)

("Of course," Danny says.)
Tags: fic, ocean's twelve
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