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I cannot find where anyone has ever done this pairing and I need it in my life. I've never made a fic request before though!
6th-Jan-2014 05:02 pm - Gundam Wing fic request
I really hope this community is still active. A while ago I read this great fic named Build Bridges To Nothing by Sparcck. It`s a 1x2x5 fiction,but sadly the ending is quite depressing, therefore I`d really like some kind of sequel. It would be nice if it where in character and played a few years after the original fic, and would be about Heero and Duo finding out through somebody else about Wufei`s feelings for them. I don`t want to sound too demanding,but an happy ending would be a must. This threesome is truly my fav in Gundam Wing, and this has been on my mind for quite some time
Here a link to the fic
Request: Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift - HanSean

On the sheer hope there's still people watching/writing from here, and having just found the community again, I've spent days trying to find the very, very few fics out there for Han/Sean. There weren't many, and most I found were pretty good, but I want more. They just... worked. I fell for the pairing before I even fully knew both their names.

Fandom: Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Characters: Han/Sean, or Sean/Han, though the first makes more sense to me, I'll read either.
Situation: Oh heck, just about anything. Though would love to read one based after the movie, with Han alive, and Sean as the new Drift King, and Han as his right-hand-man *couch*consort*cough*

Selena__Wolf, Fast and the Furious, Han/Sean, Good to be King, May 27 2013
castle in the air günter
Heya, is this this community dead? It looks that way to me, or at least there haven’t been any new fics posted lately! I’ll take a chance and post a request anyway, just in case someone is watching and feels inspired. :) I’m new, by the way; I found my way here by clicking the link on someone’s profile.

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Characters: Cheri/Fluurin, and if you can make it in the same fic, it would be nice to see Gwendal/Yozak, and Greta. Any other characters are welcome if you want, any other pairings - except Yuuri/Wolfram, sorry. (They can be in the fic, though, and Wolf can be his usual self, but not together as a couple in a non-canon way.)
Situation: There’s very little femslash in this fandom! So I want to see Cheri seducing Fluurin, who has never loved anyone since her husband passed away. Cheri makes her happy again. However, there will be angst, since Cheri is a free spirit and Fluurin is the ruler of her country… But of course, if you can imagine a happy ending that’d be great, too! (This could for example be set during the time Fluurin came to return the Wincott poison.) It would also be nice to see the fluffy side of Gwendal… I can imagine Greta playing with his cat… That’s all! Any rating, any length.

amles80, kyou kara maou, cheri/fluurin, gwendal(/yozak), greta, love affair, cat, fluff, 13/6/12
5th-Jan-2012 11:01 am - To Anime & Manga Fans

I have permission from monitorscreen to advertise Anime & Manga Fics to Go, a prompt challenge that's similar to fic_on_demand but that's run on ArchiveofOurOwn (AO3) and limited to Anime & Manga fandoms. If you're not a member of AO3 you can sign up here (it's free, but there is a wait list).

Please check it out! There's also a related lj comm (ficstogo) where news updates are posted.

8th-Dec-2011 10:22 pm - Request: CardCaptor Sakura
Hello everyone. Omg it's my first fic request~! >_< Excuse me for the long situation post. Whoever fills this request, if you have any questions or confusion about what I'm asking for please send me a message. Thanks. =]

Fandom: Card Captor Sakura

Pairing/Characters: Kinomoto Sakura/Yue (my favorite pairing!), Sakura/Syaoran (onesided?), Tomoyo, Kero 

Genre: Romance, introspective, a little angst (?)

Rating: Uh, I dunno. It's up to the writer ? lol

Situation: This is only an idea I had in my head (being a big Yukura fangirl that I am--mwhaha, but alas I suck at writing these types of fics *sad*) but whoever chooses this request I want him/her to explore the idea of Sakura getting older and perhaps harboring secret feelings for Yue but keeping it to herself. I don't know if  I want it to be some very angsty, painful thing where she's vying for his love or if through her desire for her feelings to be requited that she realizes he may not need her in that way, but that she cherishes the fact she can be his friend and that is how she expresses her love for him without actually telling him outright "I love you". I was thinking it could show Sakura's point of view, but also his. Yue's feelings--whether he has an inkling of romantic love toward her or a full frenzy of passion and desire or if he loves her as only a friend and companion--is up to the writer, lol.

I am letting the writer decide since Sakura and Yue's relationship, to me, is very ambiguous throughout the CCS series and I think it matters on perception and really looking into the relationship and trying to decide whether it is a possibility in the future if they have the potential to be more than just friends.  

As for the matter of Syaoran, I want his return to be a lot later than anticipated (unlike what was shown in the series' last episode/last manga chapter of him coming back for her). I want it to be from during the time of the Final Judgement till until Syaoran returns that she is simultaneously going through the motions of getting heartbroken over Yukito, falling for Syaoran and waiting for his return and also having the creeping infatuation for Yue that develops into love. 

I have this one scene in my head that I absolutely want to be in the fanfic (if this request is filled). I want Syaoran to come back, yes, and for Sakura to feel like part of her still has affection for him but she feels conflicted by how strongly she feels for Yue. I want her to have some sort of inner dialogue of conflict in which she is considering breaking it off with Syaoran because she is seeing that her whole heart is not into him anymore, but that for her to give up on him would also mean she would be sort of damning herself into a quiet solitude of loving Yue from a distance and if she herself would be okay putting herself into that position.

Basically, after that, Syaoran will ask to speak with Sakura privately after he gets back and she just knows she has to make a choice. I want the scene in some way in which Syaoran will attempt to kiss Sakura but at the last moment she will turn away from him on instinct and tell him she can't be with him. Whatever Syaoran's reaction will be (also up to the writer), he will walk away leaving her alone. Sakura will sigh (in relief? in frustration? in sadness? in regret? pick one) and hear rustling in the bushes which turns out to be not only be Tomoyo and Kero but also Yue eavesdropping on the entire confrontation between herself and Syaoran! The fic will end with either Sakura's reaction on Yue being present and hearing everything, or the other way around with Yue. 

Good luck! Lol~ 

tenshizutto, cardcaptor sakura, kinomoto sakura/yue, romance/introspective, 12/08/11
7th-Sep-2011 04:46 pm - Request: Avatar:tLA
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender

Characters: Jun/Piandao

Situation: I don't want them to meet in a bar or tavern or whatever Jun's regular haunt is called. Do something unexpected. Perhaps Jun has had to go through some hoops to catch whatever latest is, or maybe it's  personal mission, during which she meets Piandao. Or post-series, the two are put together and go on missions, against residual militant rebels against the new 'so-called peace' or they just take down bandits. I'm not really picky as to the specifics; I just want it to happen. Those are just ideas.

Please try and keep it to a T, and no smut, if you would. I don't see it as vital whatsover to a story.
1st-Sep-2011 02:27 pm - Request: Dragon Age Origins
Fandom: Dragon Age Origins

Characters: F!Elf!Warden/ Surana and Zevran

Situation: Warden chooses self sacrifice ending but she's a powerful mage and so (with Morrigan's help ?) she completes a ritual or in the fade she chooses to somehow re enter life, retaining her memories. Zevren's in Antiva with the Crows and they met up. I want them both to get their happy ending, as happy as it can be in this verse anyway ; ) 

And icing on the cake: Bonus points for successfully fucking off Grey Wardens and getting away with it, too many fics where the Warden is suddenly weaker than the Grey Wardens who come from the country over.

Extra bonus points for mention of Zevran oath when they first met and he's never been released, and a relationship Warden had with another but choose Zevran over the other.

And its election season and no one chosen to run so far anyone heard that piece of banter through the game.

Main situation is the most important so if you can't do anything else don't worry.

15th-Dec-2010 01:07 pm - Request: Star Wars
{Character} Anakin § Aurebesh
Hello! I am new to the community, and this is my first fic request.

Fandom: Star Wars

Characters/Pairing: Palpatine/Anakin, Anakin-centric

Situation: I've just recently watched Star Wars, and I find Palpatine's friendship with Anakin sorta creepy. That's probably an understatement, but anyway... cut for some elaboration, disturbing themes and possible spoilers. The movie was released in 2005, but you never know...Collapse )

girlofavalon, Star Wars, Palpatine/Anakin, angst/non-con/coercion, 12/15/2010
16th-Nov-2010 12:20 am - Request: Autumn's Concerto
Fandom: Autumn's Concerto (Xia Yi Zhan Xing Fu)

Character(s): Liang Mu Cheng, Ren Guang Xi

Rating: The higher the rating better but in reality anything is fine.

Situation: One of the things that made me curious with the end of the series was how will Mu Cheng and Ren Guang approach each other romantically/sexually now that they have decided to stay married, stop the fictive pretending, and give their relationship a real chance. While they resolved by the end of the series all of their previous misunderstandings and trust issues, there actually are some issues still to be resolved.

Here where I elaborateCollapse )
There is no denying that the love Ren Guang and Mu Cheng have for each other in the series is very strong but also when you actually think about it they don't really know each other for a long time. The series encompassed over six years in their life and yet the main characters of the series only had a couple of months/less than a year worth of face to face interaction and from that time less than half was of romantic nature. And yet here they are married with a child in the family without actually dating each other for more than a month or two.

So now I am here all curious how do Mu Cheng and Ren Xi approach each other now that things have calmed down after the series. I would love any fic that deals with that issue.
7th-Nov-2010 10:54 am - [Request] Persona 3
headphones, Persona - pensive
First time I've asked for a fic in awhile...

Fandom: Persona 3 (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3)

Character(s): The Main Character (Arisato Minato), whoever else needed

Rating: Whatever rating you want is fine by me.

Situation: We don't really get to see much of the Main Character's thoughts as he's a silent protagonist in the game, so give me some thoughts and actions. Introspective would be nice, but showing his resolve would be good too. Let's see how he opens up to people.

Thanks much.

chiave_trust, persona 3, main character (arisato minato), 11/07/10
6th-Nov-2010 08:39 pm - [Request]: Sherlock
Sherlock/Watson sweater
I'm feeling slightly pitiful, recovering from a nasty stomach virus that's been going around, and I hoped someone would find it in his/her heart to give this a try. Thanks so much for looking!

Fandom: Sherlock (the new BBC version)

Characters: John Watson and Sherlock Holmes OR John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, others if needed

Rating: Any rating. I'm fine with dark. Gen, Slash, H/C, H w/o the C, Whatever. Other characters in the mix are fine, too.

Situation: I would love, love, love some good old H/C (as light or heavy on the C as you wish). I just need my John Watson heroic, whether suffering or saving, and it's all good.

Whatever situation you choose is great with me. Here are some suggestions, but you will likely have better ideas of your own. John is badly wounded and, as the doctor, he must talk Sherlock through the steps necessary to keep him alive. Or maybe Sherlock's wounded and John must put himself in danger in order to save him. Or maybe Moriarty has left a badly wounded Lestrade as a message for both of them, and John works to save Lestrade's life while Sherlock tries to get as much information from him as he can. Like I said, as long as Watson's got a good part, it's all great with me.

Many thanks!

eldritchhobbit, sherlock, h/c, John Watson & Sherlock Holmes, 11/06/10

Note to mod: please add "Sherlock" to the tags (for the BBC show, as opposed to "Sherlock Holmes" the movie). Thanks! :)
4th-Nov-2010 10:30 pm - Request - Tank Girl Crossover
Fandom: Tank Girl (movie), other
Pairing/Characters: Tank Girl/Booga, others?
Situation: Not overly picky here, but I would like to see it based on the movie (or with reference/explanations for I've only seen the movie[Just saw it for the first time - AWESOME]). Tank Girl crossed over with almost anything. My vague ideas listed behind the cut. Can choose something else. (PS - Jet girl and the other Rippers are awesome too!)

Read more...Collapse )
Just try to keep everyone relatively in character. Takes place after (or around the end of) the movie, can have water freely available, or some way still restricted.

PS - no idea how many requests I may have, just toss one of 'em to the void and keep this one if needed, k?

Selena__Wolf, Tank Girl, Tank Girl/Booga, crossover, 11/04/2010
19th-Oct-2010 04:15 pm - [Request], Rurouni Kenshin
happy blaine
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Character: Kenshin
Situation: What if Hiko and the bandits had not stumbled on the slavers that night and they sold Kenshin in the city to a tea house?

You can include any kind of pairing you like, but I would love you to also develop the political ramifications and situation of that, because canon-wise Battousai was thought to be vital to the Restoration effort. Also he would have still been in Kyoto while all of it was going down... :)
17th-Oct-2010 11:45 am - Request: FF VII ( Zack/Cloud)
Fandom: FF VII (AU)
Main pairing: Zack/Cloud
Rating: yaoi (male/male), from PG-13 to NC-17
Cloud is the only child of Sephiroth. He dreams to become a SOLDIER, but his father is against it. So Cloud finished his studies at university and becomes a doctor. He starts to work in ShinRa hospital. There one day he meets Zack, who promises to secretly train him. That how their unique relationship was born. But Sephiroth doesn´t wish for his precious son to be with some "average" SOLDIER and especially NOT Zackary Fair. You see, Zack is Angeal´s son and Angeal and Sephiroth have an old conflict.
Cloud´s mother is unknow, Sephiroth always claimed that she/? died giving a birth. In fact Sephiroth´s mate was Genesis, but Angeal was deeply in love with Genesis too.
Misc - magick
Fandom: Ultraviolet (Milla Jovovich movie)
Pairing/Characters: Violet/Garth, Six
Situation: something angsty where Violet has to rescue Garth from something/someone bad and realises how much he means to her i.e. he saved her now she has to save him?
angsty fluff with Garth!h/c, much bad guy slicing'n'dicing with her awesome sword! mention or use of Garth's visual sensitivity to light and having to wear dark glasses.

green_wing, ultraviolet, violet/garth, angsty fluff h/c, 08/07/10
12th-Sep-2010 10:06 pm - Request: Prince of Tennis
Fandom: Prince of Tennis (anime canon)
Pairing: Fuji and Taka
pairing/characters - Fuji and Taka <3
situation - I love these guys. I love when Taka calls Fuji "Fujiko" and "Fujiko-chan". I love first kisses, and new realizations of love, and I would be over the moon for a story where Fuji is the nervous one, the one who doesn't realize his own emotions. Over. The. Moon.

summaryL carta, prince of tennis, taka/fuji, first kiss, sept 12, 2010

Thank you!
/goes to read open requests
7th-Aug-2010 03:41 am - Request - Invasion
Misc - snarky ships
Fandom: Invasion (tv series)
Pairing/Characters: Russell Veron/Tom Underlay pre-slash>>>slash; plus the kids...Kira, Jesse, and Rose
Situation: angsty fluff with a bit of hurt/comfort (Tom or Jesse or both), Rose calling Tom "Daddy Tom" and Russell teasing him about it, Carlita the kitty, Larkin is dead, Mariel is gone, the new family unit bonding :)
[I totally blame this request on the previous Russ/Tom Invasion fic that was posted, it was awesome and got me craving one for myself :D]

green_wing, invasion, russell/tom, angsty fluff h/c, 08/07/10
25th-Jul-2010 04:25 pm - Request - Wire in the Blood
Misc - magick
Fandom - Wire in the Blood
Pairing/Characters - Tony Hill & Liam Kerwin (slash or friendship, pre-slash might be nice tho :)
Situation - something angsty but not dark...maybe a bit of hurt/comfort?

green_wing, wire in the blood, tony hill & liam kerwin, angst & h/c, 25/07/10

note to mod: please add "Wire in the Blood" to the tags! Thanx :)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis / Worlds Mythology
Pairing: Gen or MacKay/Sheppard (slash)
Situation: Atlantis personal is mistaken for gods, time travel

Read more...Collapse )

rignach, Stargate Atlantis/Mytholgy, Gen or MacKay/Sheppard, Atlantis travel back in time and personal is mistaken to be gods, 05.07.2010
1st-Jul-2010 03:43 am - not really a mod post, but...
got you got me
i apologize, because this isn't technically within the rules, but...

fic_on_demand began in 2004, and the June Challenge was first issued in 2005. i issued it because it was a challenge i wanted to take on myself, and i thought others might find it fun as well. over the years, it's generated literally thousands of fics spanning dozens and dozens of fandoms. as the former mod/owner here, then, i have to say, it was with immense pleasure that i saw this year one person once again take up that challenge. 30 fics in 30 days is not easy, but haku_kaen did it, with no motivation other than the challenge itself.


but it doesn't feel right not to commemorate that effort in grand fic on demand style, so!! it's a prize?!Collapse )

i think a round of applause would not be out of order! ^_~

edited to fix typo, shoot!
plastic beach
Title: It's Coming Up
Fandom: Gorillaz
Pairing: Murdoc/Noodle
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day. And since exactly why this story would fit the theme is pretty impossible to see if you don't know the fandom, here's what happens the day after this story.
Requested aikonamika

The sun was going down, which meant that Wee Jimmy must be sneaking his way onto the islandCollapse )
girl talk
Title: Failure
Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Characters: Blind Mag, Amber
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day
Requested by chiave_trust here (previously filled)

She couldn't help but feel that she'd done badly by AmberCollapse )
Hug!, personification, Showing affection
Title: Must Get Out In the Light
Fandom: Runaways
Characters: Gert and Molly
Notes: For June fic-a-day. Set in the gap between the first and second series.
Requested by w175n57 here (previously filled)

Thrift stores had become a way of life for them in the months since they'd run away from homeCollapse )
girl talk
Title: Glad Tidings
Fandom: Silent Hill 3
Characters: Douglas and Heather
Notes: For June fic-a-day
Requested by chiave_trust here (previously filled)

Douglas hadn't done much for Christmas in yearsCollapse )
girl talk
Title: Fairy Stories
Fandom: Silent Hill 3
Character: Heather
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day
Requested by kneazles here (previously filled)

A mirror caught Heather's eye on her way out of the apartment, and made her stop in her tracks.Collapse )
murdoc/noodle, gorillaz
Title: Strength of Belief
Fandom: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Characters: Lyude
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day. Major spoilers for after the Lava Caves
Requested by the_fmk here (previously filled)

Kalas was a good manCollapse )
yuna/brother, FFOTP
Title: Think It Over
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairings & Character: Squall/Rinoa, Selphie
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day
Requested by fanaticalone here (previously filled)

Squall sat on one of Garden's balconies, staring blankly off at nothingCollapse )
murdoc/noodle pool
Title: Time Management
Fandom: Gorillaz
Characters: Murdoc, Noodle, and Russel
Notes: For June fic-a-day
Requested by kneazles here (previously filled)

Time management had never quite been what anyone would call a Gorillaz strong pointCollapse )
murdoc/noodle, gorillaz
Title: Rising Heat
Fandom: Gorillaz
Pairing: Murdoc/Noodle
Notes: For June fic-a-day
Requested by babel here (previously filled)

The night after finishing up shooting the footage for a new video was supposed to be spent partying.Collapse )
21st-Jun-2010 09:02 am - Request - The Tyrant Falls in Love
Fandom: The Tyrant Falls in Love
Pairing: Morinaga Tetsuhiro x Tatsumi Souichi
Rating: any
Situation: Tetsuhiro finally snaps at Souichi, wanting nothing more to do with him, although comes to regret his outburst later. Souichi has to decide whether to let him go or to finally capitulate to his feelings for Tetsuhiro... but is it to late?

note to mod: Please add Tyrant Falls in Love to the tags!
21st-Jun-2010 01:54 am - Request - Blazing Saddles
Fandom: Blazing Saddles
Pairing: Bart/Jim or Jim/Bart
Rating: any, no limit, will read anything
Situation: This fandom's so rare I'll read almost anything, would obviously prefer some hint at least of a relationship between Bart and Jim, other than that, go wild. Could be crossover, serious, parody, whatever. Just don't kill either of 'em, and at least a happy(ish) ending.

- some mention of one (or all) of the Magnificent 7 (TV show version)
- an orange cowardly cat named Tiger (or a cat that looks like a dog called same) ALA Fievel Goes West
- Some mention of the scene where Bart and Jim meet (Y'know, the bed part, where Jim's upside down and 'very puzzled')

^_^ Have fun!
PS - if over my limit, toss my Pirates of the Caribbean request.

Selena__Wolf, Blazing Saddles, Jim/Bart, Anything, June 21, 2010
murdoc/noodle, gorillaz
Title: For Love of the Game
Fandom: Whip It
Characters: Bliss and the Hurl Scouts
Notes: For June fic-a-day
Requested by eldritchhobbit here (previously filled)

Bliss felt like she was about to fall over as she skated into the locker roomCollapse )
murdoc/noodle, gorillaz
Title: Aces High
Fandom: Anastasia (1997 cartoon)
Characters: Anya, Dimitri, and Vlad
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day. Set while they're still on the train near the start of the movie.
Requested by britney628 here (previously filled)

Well, I still think we should change it so queens rank higher than kings in our gameCollapse )
murdoc/noodle pool
Title: Dream a Little Dream of Me
Fandom: Gorillaz
Pairing: Murdoc/Noodle
Notes: For June fic-a-day
Requested by kneazles here (previously filled)

The dream had started out greatCollapse )
yuna/brother, FFOTP
Title: A Ring For Her Finger
Fandom: Dragon Quest V
Pairing: The Hero/his wife (I always pick Flora, but I left it vague so anyone who prefers Bianca or Deborah in the remake can read it as either of them)
Notes: For June fic-a-day.
Requested by kneazles here

In the years that he'd spent trapped in stone, Sancho and the children's nurse had kept watch over the circle of waterCollapse )
girl talk
Title: Sweet Sacrifice
Fandom: Animamundi: Dark Alchemist
Pairing: Mephistopheles/Lillith
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day. Contains Mephistopheles-style pseudo early modern english.
Requested by toreadore_rose here (previously filled)

It had only been three days but Lillith was already absolutely terrified that maybe no amount of time would ever be enough to save her brotherCollapse )
yuna/brother, FFOTP
Title: Stray Cat Strut
Fandom: Persona 4
Characters: Souji and the stray cats on the Samegawa Floodplains.
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day. Halfway there!
Requested by kneazles here

The first cat was easy enough to keep well-fedCollapse )
10th-Jan-2009 12:28 am - Request: Heart No Kuni No Alice

Fandom: Heart No Kuni No Alice
Pairing: Vivaldi/Alice Liddell
Situation: Ace may be handsome and Peter may be devoted, but Vivaldi was a cut above them both.
murdoc/noodle, gorillaz
Title: In the Dark of the Night
Fandom: Wicked (musicalverse)
Pairing: Elphaba/Glinda
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day
Requested by ally_moony here (previously filled)

It wasn't that she had doubts about what she'd chosen, or that she was second-guessing herselfCollapse )
murdoc/noodle, gorillaz
Title: Ill Over You
Fandom: Gorillaz
Pairing: Murdoc/Noodle
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day
Requested by kneazles here (previously filled)

The Gorillaz medicine cabinet was vast and mysteriousCollapse )
13th-Jun-2010 01:53 pm - [Request] Bleach
Fandom: Bleach

Character/Pairing: Byakuya x Soi Fon

Situation: Anything goes with these two, really. I adore the comedy they can potentially have. Just please no Yoruichi/Hisana-angst, thank you ♥

kaibasgirl, ByaSoi, General
Title: Funny Hot Marina
Fandom: Monkey Island
Pairing: Guybrush Threepwood/Morgan Le Flay
Requested by: 
Notes: Probably not what requester had in mind, but I hope it gets a chuckle? Cut's not working here for me for some reason, so is it okay if I link this to my journal?

Warning: loads of parentheses ahoy!


yuna/brother, FFOTP
Title: Happy Returns
Fandom: Okami
Characters: Susano and Amaterasu
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day. Spoilers through the end of the game.
Requested by rainmage here (previously filled)

Time passed and the seasons changedCollapse )
yuna/brother, FFOTP
Title: Bookends
Fandoms: Final Fantasys VII and X
Pairing: Cloud/Yuna (pre-relationship)
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day. Takes place when Yuna is incomprehensibly old
Requested by sekiharatae here (previously filled)

Left to his own devices, he might never have left that hill.Collapse )
murdoc/noodle pool
Title: Friction and Motion
Fandom: Gorillaz
Pairing: Onesided Murdoc/Noodle, Noodle/music
Notes: For June Fic-a-Day. Stands alone, but also works as a sequel to the story I did June 3rd.
Requested by misura here (specifically going dancing) previously filled

The broken-brained moron had officially lost all future pub-choosing privilegesCollapse )
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