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Admin Post

welcome to all new members! please remember to look over the rules at least once.

reminders: put the word REQUEST in the subject line of requests. put the word FIC in the subject line of fic posts. the words FIC and REQUEST should never be in the same subject line. it makes my life a GREAT deal easier if you please put the title of fics, fandom, and the requester's name in the subject line of fic posts, and if possible, please include a link to the request in the fic post. don't forget that fics posted here can be as long or as short (over 50 words) as they need to be, but they need to be self-contained, ie, one-shots. thank you!

please add to the bottom of all requests a summary line, like this:
your lj name, fandom, pairing/character, situation, date
thanks you.

notes: eheheheh, missed updating last week. sorry! manymany thanks to everyone who has been diligently tagging entries. ya'll rock. ^_^ there's also been a lot of ficcing going on, and you know how happy that makes everyone here. ^_^

geonncannon would like to pimp a new comm, promptsomeslash that could use some writers. it's open to all slash prompts, looks to be of particular interest to live action slashers, especially of the stargate persuasion. if you're inclined, check it out.

but keep writing here for us. ^_~

now! who would like some nice, fresh inspiration??

Unfulfilled requests as of 4/6/06
keep in mind that the descriptions of the requests are just keywords. click on the links to see the actual request.

requester fandom pairing/character specifics date requested
1 illmantrim Justice Society Post-World War II era JSA Murphy's Law 1/31/05
2 karrenia_rune X-Men (X-treme) Sage reflection 2/1/05
3 draggystack lost boyLost girl Jimbo/Mark see request, spoilers 2/23/05
4 korepersephone Remnants Jobs/Mo'steel anything slashy 3/18/05
5 randi2204 No Traveller Returns Cameron, Jaymie, and Keith see request 3/22/05
6 thisistony Bleach Ichi-Ruk-Ren triangle set after book 6 3/31/05
7 karrenia_rune Robotech/Macross Max Sterling/Miriya Sterling set during the knife fight in the park between Max and Miriya 4/1/05
8 blue_oceandeep X-Men Sinister, Scott, and Apocalypse is optional Age of Apocalypse, see request 4/23/05
9 nemkess Jrock/RPS from GacktJOB, Yuu/Chachamaru non-angst preferred, anything 5/21/05
10 sweetsorcery Dawn of the Dead Peter/Roger anything, preferred happy ending 5/21/05
11 nakeisha Man from U.N.C.L.E. Napoleon Solo/Illya Kuryakin external conflicts, happy ending, no food sex 5/25/05
12 brokenwindmill Bandslash/RPS Mick Ronson/David Bowie Ziggy Stardust era, bdsm, smut 5/25/05
13 lilka Fingersmith Susan/Maud set before book ends, dark 5/26/05
14 crunchy_salad Prince of Tennis OshitariJirou or OshitariAtobe cousin causes trouble 5/26/05
15 thisistony Samurai Deeper Kyo ShinreixHotaru (Or HotaruxShinrei) fluffy dialogue after they bandage themselves up in volume 22 5/26/05
16 lilacfield Kekkaishi Yoshimori's mother and Tokine's father what happened or might have happened on the night of his death 5/27/05
17 buhdderkupp The West Wing Josh/Donna, Sam/Ainsley funny, party, karaoke-"Blame it on the bossa nova" 5/26/05
18 misura PhD: Phantasy Degree Mordicus/Dev spirit of the manga, romance and/or humor 5/27/05
19 minerva_fan The West Wing see request see request 5/27/05
20 sarajayechan Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword Hector/Farina debating the weapon triangle 5/30/05
21 d2ragnarok Carol Berg's Rai-Kirah Trilogy Seyonne/Aleksander solely on them and their relationship 5/31/05
22 zenfu All About Lily Chou Chou any or none anything 5/31/05
23 cocacat15 Soukyuu no Fafner Maya/Canon not smut 5/31/05
24 lilka Red Dwarf Rimmer/f/f Rimmer and two dominant females 6/1/05
25 laridian Angst Technology/Week-End Warriors Marc/Wraith hidden love 6/1/05
26 karrenia_rune Roswell Max Evans and Liz post White Room, angst 6/1/05
27 lady_lefaye Gilmore Girls Lorelai/Finn romance fic 6/1/05
28 karrenia_rune Andromeda Dylan Hunt and Rommie, no slash see request 6/2/05
29 sweetsorcery Carnivale Brother Justin Crowe/Ben Hawkins romantic and/or erotic 6/3/05
30 yzak Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED Destiny Yzak/Dearka Yzak on top smut with story 6/4/05
31 azarias Downbelow Station Conrad Mazian/Tom Edger Show how it works 6/5/05
32 polgarawolf Star Wars Obi-Wan/Anakin AU see request 6/5/05
33 buhdderkupp the West Wing and/or Sports Night any - see request karoke/ddr party with humor and bad singing 6/5/05
34 playpossum Gravitation Touma/Ryuichi smut, see request 6/7/05
35 kira_k X-men Magneto and Quicksilver fluffy father-son bonding 6/9/05
36 cinder12 Fujimi Symphony Orchestra Tonoin Kei x Mormura Yuuki smut - see request 6/10/05
37 antychan Spin City Carter/Mike see request 6/11/05
38 prpl_pen Heavenly Creatures Pauline-as-Charles/Juliet-as-Deborah and/or Diello/Pauline-as-Gina Juliet & Pauline's fantasy worlds (Borovnia/The Fourth World) and the mixing up of fantasy and reality in their perceptions 6/14/05
39 ddae Sequence -Yuuki no Kanaderu Mahou- Ouji-senpai & Titi Titi-centric - inside his head 6/17/05
40 akatonbo Prince of Tennis Oshitari/Dabide puns 6/17/05
41 and_i Horatio Hornblower Jack Hammond (the younger) & Major Edrington go for it 6/20/05
42 ashen_red Doctor Who Charley and Eight or Four and either Sarah or Romana not smut 6/19/05
43 factorielle Yakitate!!Japan Kuroyanagi/Kanmuri Kanmuri finally gets his way with Kuroyanagi 6/25/05
44 ee970 Monster Grimmer/Tenma something happens before ep 52/3 6/26/05
45 fanaticalone Star Ocean: The Second Story Noel Rena and Chisato see request 6/29/05
46 moffit Prince of Tennis Ohtori and Hiyoshi anything 6/30/05
47 keikain Bleach Any of the Gotei-13 spam, see request 7/8/05
48 lady_lefaye Forever Knight threesome see request 7/8/05
49 karrenia_rune Highlander: the Series Methos and Amy Zoll of the Watchers see request 7/8/05
50 ignipotent Bleach RenjixIchigoxByakuya Triangle Renji and Byakuya fighting over Ichigo, see request 7/8/05
51 gottis_chan Prince of Tennis Tenipuri Family pairings fluffy, feel-good fic 7/11/05
52 duckgirlie see request see request jealousy 7/13/05
53 ficwize Fruits Basket Haru/Rin them 7/14/05
54 heavyglow National Treasure (movie) Ben/Riley anything, fluffy, or pre-slash awkwardness 7/15/05
55 crunchy_salad Prince of Tennis any centered around one of the new manga teams (Higa or Shitenhouji) 7/17/05
56 tenshiforgotten Prince of Tennis (movieverse, atobe-side) Niou/Shishido anything! 7/18/05
57 wings_of_dirt Castlevania (Symphony of the Night) Alucard x Richter smut, use words pumpkin, thick, razor, ruined and sludge 7/22/05
58 anvanimaserke Yu Gi Oh! Seto Kaiba/Yami see request 7/24/05
59 calic0cat Street Hawk Jesse Mach/Norman Tuttle affectionate relationship, characterization 7/26/05
60 exhero Fullmetal Alchemist Roy/Winry post-series, post movie, get together 7/29/05
61 boosette Avatar: The Last Airbender Prince Zuko, General Iroh, the ship's crew and cat Prince Zuko being adopted by, and allergic to, the ship's cat and subsequent hijinks 7/31/05
62 karrenia_rune Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Julian Bashir and Garak see request 8/1/05
63 shanaqui Final Fantasy VIII Seifer/Squall Seifer wants to find the perfect birthday present, get together 8/1/05
64 fanaticalone Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Arthur, Ford, Fenchurch see request 8/1/05
65 ms_kinnikufan DCU, Deathstroke Slade/Wintergreen any 8/4/05
66 emerald_embers Legacy of Kain Vorador/Janos monkeys!!!! light-hearted 8/5/05
67 lil_ali Naruto/Yakitate!! Japan Uchiha Itachi/Azuma Kazuma anything 8/6/05
68 thenewhope Sugar Rush Kim, Kim/Beth and/or unrequited Kim/Sugar something Kim centric set before episode 10 8/13/05
69 sashwizzled Battle Royale Tsukioka Shou and Numai Mitsuru anything 8/14/05
70 factorielle Hunter x Hunter Bisque, Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio Bisque has some Kurata eyes and won't give them up unless… 8/14/05
71 crunchy_salad Prince of Tennis Sanada/Gakuto sanada being teased, gakuto glomping 8/20/05
72 dropsofgleam Prince of Tennis Kaidou x Oishi in character, Eiji and Inui friendly 8/24/05
73 no_utopia Tekken Heichachi x Kazuya OR Jinpachi x Kazuya anything, the darker the better 8/25/05
74 sasha_bonden Land of the Dead (movie) Charlie/Riley Denbo request has spoilers 8/25/05
75 moffit Loveless Soubi/Ritsuka smut 8/26/05
76 numisma Rurouni Kenshin Kenshin/Misao Misao outgrows her preoccupation with Aoshi 12/02/05
77 cocacat15 RENT Collins/Angel What happened during those 14 hours 12/02/05
78 ms_kinnikufan Foster's Home For Imanginary Friends/Petshop of Horrors none - include Mac Chris Count D and Madame Foster no pairings - see request 12/02/05
79 karrenia_rune The Last Samurai Nathan Algren and or Katsumoto first meeting - interaction - or reflection 12/02/05
80 akayalovesyaoi Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa Chronicle Touya/Yukito and an annoying Nakuru see request 12/03/05
81 laridian Monkey Island Guybrush Threepwood Guybrush ends up pregnant 12/03/05
82 emerald_embers Silent Hill James and/or Harry play around with idea of dead protagonist 12/03/05
83 epistretes Star Ocean III: Til The End of Time Sophia Esteed/Albel Nox no fluff 12/03/05
84 gottis_chan Prince of Tennis Kirihara/Fuji not G rated 12/04/05
85 amasaglajax Gankutsuou Franz/Albert bittersweet mood 12/03/05
86 merry_lover Evolution Harry/Ira/Wayne pwp threesome 12/04/05
87 adama_lee Joy Ride Lewis/Fuller nice fluffy brothers getting together 12/04/05
88 tenshiforgotten Prince of Tennis Musical: The Imperial Match Katou Kazuki [Atobe Keigo] & Takuya [Akutagawa Jirou] something cute - RPS 12/04/05
89 babel Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children Cid/Vincent list of don'ts 12/03/05
90 phoenix_warrior national security earl/hank see request 12/04/05
91 twitchy_kris DNAngel Satoshi/Dark Satoshi needs to learn to dance 12/05/05
92 elanya A Song of Ice and Fire series by GRR Martin Sandor Clegane anything 12/05/05
93 woodlandelf The Naming/The Gift Maerad/Cadvan see request 12/05/05
94 misura Basara Shido/Ageha or Ageha/Shido request has spoilers for vol 5 12/06/05
95 nemkess Noble Dead book series Leesil/Magiere in between fights for their lives 12/06/05
96 pragmatic_moi Trinity Blood Ion/Esther request has spoilers for end of anime 12/07/05
97 aka_bisho Yu Gi Oh! Siegfried:Seto interaction 12/07/05
98 dropsofgleam Hajime no Ippo - Fighting Spirit! Ichirou Miyata and Ippo Makenouchi relationship 12/08/05
99 maryrose3 Andromeda Beka/Dylan anything 12/10/05
100 scheherezhad Gundam Wing Trowa/Duo anything 12/12/05
101 farohji Teen Titans v3 (current comic series) Kon-El (Superboy) and Bart Allen (Kid Flash II) talking - see request 12/15/05
102 duckgirlie RPS David Niven and Errol Flynn see request 12/16/05
103 playpossum Gundam Wing 1x5 mpreg 12/17/05
104 kingyo_hanabi Legal Drug Rikuo/Kazahaya K'haya gets turned into a cat 12/18/05
105 anenko GetBackers Natsumi and Emishi hijinks and goofiness 12/24/05
106 geonncannon NCIS Tony/Kate pre-Twilight 1/1/06
107 karrenia_rune Mutant X Jesse Kilmartin jesse off team, learning on his own 1/1/06
108 zahnadu Crimson Tide William Barnes request has spoilers 1/2/06
109 lady_lefaye Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Lucy/Mr. Tumnus getting together 1/2/06
110 selena__wolf Demon Diary Krayon/Erutis Krayon wins Erutis over 1/3/06
111 fanaticalone The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy see request specific, has spoilers 1/5/06
112 miska158 E's Otherwise Yuuki x Kai anything, looking up at the stars 1/6/06
113 haku_kaen Final Fantasy VIII Demo any set in demo world 1/6/06
114 silver_magess Peach Girl Toji/Kiley(aka Kairi) near beginning of manga, no Momo bashing 1/6/06
115 numisma Onegai Twins Maiku/Miina kiss, see request 1/6/06
116 veleda_k Yami no Matsuei none required, see request see request 1/6/06
117 harrisgirl Law & Order SVU Alex Cabot/Casey Novak see request 1/8/06
118 funfiction Fullmetal Alchemist Ed Ed learning to drive, lighthearted 1/8/06
119 ms_kinnikufan JSA Black Adam/Atom-Smasher see request 1/9/06
120 ponderosa121 Samurai 7 Shichiroji/Kambei slow sex and Shichiroji playing the shamisen either before or after 1/11/06
121 merith Viewfinder asami/takaba shows they really care for each other without saying so 1/11/06
122 scifiroots CSI: Las Vegas or Harry Potter see request story about the couple but seen from the eyes/told from the view of a person who you'd assume would be highly jealous... but, amazingly, isn't. 1/13/06
123 shanaqui Doctor Who Ten/Jack fic about how they meet again, and how Ten feels about Jack 1/14/06
124 probodie The Professionals Bodie/Doyle First time fic, they have to go undercover as gays 1/14/06
125 lilka The Producers Leo Bloom slash slash, humor a plus 1/14/06
126 fleurette Fruits Basket Ayame/Mine, Yuki, other Ayame tells Yuki about Mine, and someone overhears 1/17/06
127 exhero Bleach/Yami no Matsuei Something with the bad men crossover, maybe funny 1/19/06
128 laridian Sky High any/all Five Years Later 1/19/06
129 destinylight Naruto Sakura/Somebody, Sasuke/Naruto Sakura get together fic, see request 1/21/06
130 bright_light Yu Gi Oh! Seto/Ryou get together, snowball fight, and Seto singing lullabies 1/21/06
131 coin The Island any anything 1/23/06
132 iniq Harry Potter Severus/Draco Draco and soon to be stepson Harry come to terms 1/27/06
133 taiga_ameca xxxHOLiC Watanuki/the Zashiki-Warashi supernatural feeling 1/28/06
134 keylah Gundam Wing combos ending up with 1x2x3 Vampire or Lycanthrope AU 1/29/06
135 daisy_chan Chronicles of Narnia: Horse and His Boy any combination of: Corin, Shasta (or Cor if you’d rather), and Edmund Why did Prince Corin never marry? 1/31/06
136 sarasusa Fiddler on the Roof (musical) Hodel/Perchik or Chava/Fyedka Ficlet that captures a moment in the development of the relationship 1/31/06
137 karrenia_rune Hidalgo (movie) Frank T. Hopkins anything 2/1/06
138 polgarawolf Star Wars Obi-Wan/Anakin AU, less angst than canon 1/31/06
139 lady_lefaye Bleach something bizarre crack pairing written in a *believable* way 2/4/06
140 selena__wolf Queen of the Damned (movie) Mael/Jessie no angst 2/5/06
141 zahnadu Sahara/National Treasure Dirk/Al and Ben/Riley see request 2/6/06
142 aoyagi_rikka Eragon Murtagh/Eragon Eragon is captured and Murtagh pays a visit… 2/6/06
143 xanthos_samurai Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Terry Terry's feelings about the Joker and what he learns 2/6/06
144 fleurette Fruits Basket Akito/?, Shigure, Kureno request has spoilers 2/9/06
145 ravenbell Teen Titans Raven and Starfire simple, funny, Raven and Starfire friendship fic 2/12/06
146 mulanreflection Gundam Wing or CCS/Tsubasa 1x5 or Touya/Yuki or Syaoran/Sakura angst, see request 2/12/06
147 and_zero Yakitate!!Japan Kuroyan/Kirisaki Go wild 2/16/06
148 anvanimaserke Gravitation Ma/Shuichi trying to keep it a secret from Taki but he's getting closer to finding out 2/18/06
149 tamensei Loveless or Weiss Kreuz Zeroes or YohjiXOmiXNagiXSchuldich prompts, see request 2/20/06
150 zilagirl Yu Gi Oh! Ryou/Bakura PG-13, Bakura gets kissed 2/20/06
151 sarasusa Princess Nine any team member no coach/girls, see request 2/20/06
152 numisma Prince of Tennis Ryoma & Eiji street tennis doubles match 2/21/06
153 missyvortexdv The 4400 Marco anything with Marco 2/21/06
154 shanaqui any (see request) see request mindfuck 2/21/06
155 veleda_k Peacemaker Kurogane Yoshida Toshimaro and Kitamura Suzu no pairing, touching but not sweet 2/23/06
156 thedarkmaterial Inu Yasha Sesshoumaru/Naraku pretty boy smut 2/24/06
157 mpreg_fan Invasion Tom/Mariel mpreg, see request 2/26/06
158 tenshiforgotten Fruits Basket souma hatsuharu & hanajima saki anything 2/25/06
159 karrenia_rune Young Guns II Either Josiah "Doc" Scurlock or 'Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh anything 3/1/06
160 zahnadu Invasion Tom/Mariel see request 3/3/06
161 duckgirlie Ned's Declassified School's Survival Guide Suzie Crabgrass/Moze futurefic, animosity turns to friendship turn to more 3/3/06
162 aikonamika Gundam Wing 1x2 Duo is a Dom who likes to bottom. Heero is a Sub who prefers to top. 3/3/06
163 shanaqui Memoirs of a Geisha Nobu/Sayuri, Nobu/the Chairman or none anything Nobu 3/3/06
164 silver_magess Yami No Matsuei TerazumaxTsuzuki anything 3/3/06
165 maria_chan Kyou Kara Maou, Yu-gi-Oh, or Gundam Wing Yuuri x Wolfram, Seto x Joey, 3x4 or 3x4x5 partner comes to relieve paperwork stress 3/3/06
166 evocates Final Fantasy VII/Bleach Rufus/Reno? Gen is fine see request 3/4/06
167 xanthos_samurai Titan A.E. Korso/Cale or Korso and Professor Sam Tucker anything 3/4/06
168 shinataku02 Kyou Kara Maou Gwendal and Konrad see request, spoiler 3/4/06
169 of_carabas Near Dark any any, no mention of the v-word 3/6/06
170 researchotaku Saiyuki Hakkai/Goku or Gojyo/Goku Goku is seduced by meatbuns 3/8/06
171 gorogoro Bleach Aizen/Tousen anything, smut good 3/8/06
172 bobbissimo Naruto Ino/Sakura see request 3/8/06
173 gottis_chan multifandom, see request see request angst, bad first time 3/9/06
174 demonoflight Justice League Unlimited Wally, John and Shayera fluffy friendship fic 3/11/06
175 adama_lee Invasion Russell/Tom see request 3/12/06
176 katydidnt98 Star Wars Mara/Jacen/Anakin triangle or threeway 3/12/06
177 kienie_darkside The Ususal Suspects Dean Keaton/Verbal Kint truth 3/12/06
178 moffit PoT Taka/Ryo 13+ rating or higher due to hormones 3/13/06
179 aoyagi_rikka Avatar Zuko Point of betrayal 3/13/06
180 selena__wolf Naruto Orochimaru/Anko Oro finds out someone cares after all 3/15/06
181 fallenembers33 Gravitation Ryuichi/Shuichi complete serious seduction by Ryuichi 3/15/06
182 keylah Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Ryoichi/Umeda or Ahira/Umeda see inside for details 3/16/06
183 keikain Bleach Aizen/Urquiola/Grimmjaw Post 213 Urqui seme 3/16/06
184 daisy_chan trc kurogane/fai separated from the syoaran and sakura for those six months in Shara country 3/13/06
185 xdnangel Fullmetal Alchemist Ed-centric songfic 3/17/06
186 ketallpot Yugioh Jounouchi & Kaiba friendship 3/19/06
187 kali_sama Gundam Wing Wufei/Duo quote / friendship / makeup sex 3/19/06
188 numisma Fullmetal Alchemist Ed Elric Ed's forced lefthandedness 3/21/06
189 akayalovesyaoi Executive Committee Kubota/Tokito-ish voyeurism 3/22/06
190 laridian Megas XLR Jamie/Coop/Kiva Jamie reveals his love for Coop/Kiva 3/23/06
191 mneme_forgets Final Fantasy x2 Rin Rikku Yuna Paine Mi'ihen Highroad Incident Rin is punished 3/23/06
192 raletha Gundam Wing Trowa/Quatre love without sap or cliché 3/24/06
193 hostilecrayon Gundam Wing 1=2 little things 3/23/06
194 pornontoast The Office (UK) Tim/Gareth at least 500 words 3/25/06
195 kirke_novak Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Zaphod/Arthur The Impropability Drive accident 3/25/06
196 geonncannon Out of Practice Regina/F Get Regina Some Loving 3/25/06
197 animethief92 Fullmetal Alchemist Roy/Ed/Al prefer smut and armor!al 3/16/06
198 crxzxx Fullmetal Alchemist Roy/Ed or Roy/Hughes Roy is dead and Hughes is alive 3/26/06
199 merith Platoon Chris/Elias something smutty 3/27/06
200 the_fmk Baten Kaitos character piece no more Guardian Spirit or I will go insane 3/27/06
201 sharz Meine Liebe Lui x Orphe smut preferred but not needed - with Lui on top 3/30/06
202 ficwize X-Men Movieverse Iceman starts living at Xaviers 3/31/06
203 karrenia_rune Death on the Nile any character or Hercule Poriot action or character study - gen of any rating 4/1/06
204 shanaqui GetBackers Jubei/Kazuki non-angst - strong Kazuki - smut would be nice 4/1/06
205 jurhael Shin Megami Tensai: Nocturne Futomimi/Demi-fiend utomimi comes to terms with his actions before the Conception 4/2/06
206 forever_flame DN Angel Satoshi/Daisuke after series - chance encounter - romance - no-angst - happy ending 4/2/06
207 maria_chan Kyou Kara Maou Wolfram/Yuuri wedding ceremony 4/3/06
208 cocacat15 Legend of Duo Zieg/Duo anything 4/3/06
209 zahnadu one of three see request see request 4/6/06

thanks everyone, keep up the good work, sorry again for the late update, and enjoy the weekend. ^_^

last request recorded in update was by zahnadu, 6th-Apr-2006 03:25 pm
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