people often confuse my capslock for wit (rondaview) wrote in fic_on_demand,
people often confuse my capslock for wit

Fic Request - The Demon Ororon

Fandom: The Demon Ororon, or Akuma no Ororon
Pairing: Othello/Mitsume
Situation: Something dark, sexy, well-written. If you could tone down on the brutality that's such an integral part of their relationship (if you could even call it a relationship), please please please do so; instead have a kind of forcibly restrained feel to everything, like the violence is there and threatening but never actually erupts, and if it does only in a broken nail or a split ceramic dish or something. Minimalistic, so to speak. You don't have to be blatant to make a point.

Also, preferably nobody dies. ^^ Thank you!
Tags: demon ororon, request
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